Clip In Hair Extensions are Easy to Use

The popularity of hair extensions has gone up and down for several decades, though in recent times their use has grown exponentially. At least some of the reason for this great jump in popularity may be attributed to the creation of clip in hair extensions, which are considerably easier to use than extensions from earlier times. Clip on hair extensions are installed easily right along with your natural hair and-assuming a good product is used-are all but impossible to distinguish from the rest of your hair.

Though clip in hair extensions have been around for several years now, extensions in general go back to the days when Egypt was the preeminent political power on Earth, when Nefertiti and Cleopatra sat upon the throne. In those times, both men and women used hair extensions and wigs, not only for cosmetic reasons, but as protection against lice infestations. Egyptian men shaved their heads to keep head lice at bay, then wore wigs for protections from the sun and rain.

Different types of artificial hair were used over the centuries, until in the 1800s it came to be viewed as somewhat dclass. But it gained popularity again in the early 20th Century as women donned huge pompadour hairstyles, stacked high upon their heads.

Eventually, human hair extensions became the norm with their popularity becoming so extensive that thousands of kilograms of human hair were sold in Europe in the late 1800s. In the ’20s, shorter hair for women became the “in” thing and extensions again moved into the background only to reemerge a couple decades later when long hair came back in style.

Asian manufacturers eventually perfected the art of creating human hair extensions and from then on they were exported throughout the world. Then as now, most extensions were created from human hair as opposed to some sort of synthetic product. For centuries, extensions were pleated into the natural hair, affixed by thread or even glued to the scalp with beeswax or plant resin. The process was both time consuming and expensive. A typical sitting took from 10 to 15 hours.

In more modern times, thanks to clip in hair extensions, they may be attached easily and conveniently at home. Most modern extension packages now come with complete instructions for doing the job yourself. Once in place, hair extensions may be styled just as you would style your own hair. They may be curled, blown dry, ironed, permed or flattened. Extensions are offered in a wide variety of colors and lengths, so you’re likely to find one that works with your current hair style.

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