Cigarettes. Passion From The Past?

[I:] Could the twenty first century see the demise of the old friend from five centuries back the humble cigarette, gasper, fag, smoke and its other many names?

What is the number of people have tried it; tip-toe behind the school boiler room, the small hidden corner in the garden as well as other sundry places, for those secret davidoff cigarettes. The hand of this reviewer shoots up. I have been a huge enthusiast of the advert played on radio and TV. I admit, I have lit up a Lucky?; I had a lot to light, flipped a box a-la the commercials. back in anger because these were denied me; negative! that is in the past. History as far as cigarettes is concerned, started well, going by history in South Americaand images, friezes and everything else all shown the Maya and after that, Aztec priest and other luminaries, in the temple, puffing smoke away from the tube.

Spanish invaders must have thought smoking to be fashionable and the Conquistadores took the idea back into Spain. Here, tobacco was enclosed in maize but later on the paper was introduced. As a matter of fact, the name ‘cigarette’ is French meaning small cigar. Just as Spanish supposed smoking was cool, the French saw this as tres fashionable, adopted the idea and in the 1830s took it home.

It was the Crimean War that changed the fixations of many British smokers. This lot, apparently not laden with cash used to copy their enemies from Russia and allies from Turkey in smoking tobacco rolled up in newspapers, not being able to obtain or afford cigarette papers. Cigarettes were at war alongside us, right up to the end of the Vietnam conflict. Cigars surely have progressed. cork tips, filters, thick and thin papers to assist burning, huge cigars, thin ones, colour ones, and non-tobacco ones. Currently, Now there is rumor of hiding them below the counter.

It does not matter if you smoke or not, there is no denying cigarettes have influenced or became part of us. We’ve definitely had a lot to light.

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