Chris Boardman Is Still Popular In Cycling

You may know of Chris Boardman from his many Tour De France competitions. Because of his work ethic, he has the nickname of “Professor”. The Olympic gold medalist in cycling has since retired from racing. However, he is establishing a name in the cycling industry and achieving a great deal of success.

The professor was born in a small English seaside town called Hoylake, in 1968. At the tender age of thirteen, he entered his first bike race. Within three years, he was a member of the national cycling team. While 16 years of age, he won his first RTTC time trial, the Schoolboy Ten Mile championship, and set a record time for the 25-mile junior national record. The RTTC or Road Time Trials Council, has since been changed to the Cycle Time Trials.

As a young man, the professor claimed five straight 25-mile races. He also won four Hill-Climb competitions in a row. In 1991, he was first in the 50-mile race, and in ’92 and ’93 he set a new record in 25-mile race competitions.

The 1992 Olympic Games opened in Barcelona, and the Professor was ready, as he took home a gold medal in Men’s Cycling, in the individual pursuit category. During the 1996 Olympic Games, he did not compete in the same category. However, he won a bronze medal for the 52-Km time trial, in his final Olympic victory.

Chris’s professional career is very lucrative, as he became a time-trial racing specialist. His first professional competition was successful, as he won the Grand Prix Eddy Merckx in ’93. He eventually retired due to frequent injuries, related to low testosterone levels.

These days, Chris Boardman is very well known as a top racing bike designer. Thousands of his creations are sold every year. He also is a very successful racing consultant and is realizing a great deal of his racing potential, in business.

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