Chlorine Shower Filter as Important as Other Filters

Chlorine is added to the water supply to supposedly kill disease-causing bacteria. The irony is that chlorine itself if consumed too much can lead to diseases. Because of this, it is important for people to figure out how to eliminate chlorine from their drinking water, as well as their shower water. A chlorine shower filter can do the latter.

For those who are already aware of the need to remove chlorine, they have taken steps to make sure it’s not in their drinking water. But few people ever consider the water in their shower. Chlorine in the shower is actually much more dangerous than chlorine that you drink.

In the shower, chlorine is in liquid form but it is also heated to become a gas form. As a liquid it seeps into the pores and gets into the blood stream. As a gas, it is inhaled and gets into the lungs. Because of this, chlorine affects the body in different ways than it does when it is just consumed through the mouth.

Too much chlorine exposure has led to many diseases, such as cancer, lung disorders, reproductive disorders, birth defects and the breakdown of the immune system. It can take many years for these diseases to surface but to prevent them you must avoid chlorine.

This is why you must get a chlorine shower filter. Make sure the filter you get eliminates up to 95% of chlorine. The way these filters work is that they convert chlorine into chloride, a safe chemical that is too large to be inhaled or to get into the pores. Your filter should also remove other dissolved metals such as mercury, nickel, lead, copper and chromium.

Quality filters will also kill bacteria and stop mold, fungi, algae and lime scale build-up in your shower or bathtub.

Do whatever it takes to make sure your family doesn’t consume chlorine. A water filter for your kitchen and a chlorine shower filter are important for every family. Avoiding this toxin is sure to keep safe those you love the most.

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