Chiropractic Care For Pinched Nerves Shows Promising Results

Many people have experienced some kind of back pain at least once in their lives. There are many ways on how to avoid back pain. There are also many ways to obtain relief. Chiropractic care in San Diego has been successful in treating back pain and pinched nerves. San Diego chiropractor Mike Pritsker has shown how chiropractic care can help people keep the pain from coming back.

There are a number of causes of back pain including bulging or herniated discs, sciatica, pinched nerves and misalignments in the spine or pelvis. If you are prone to back pain or back aches, the following will be some steps you can take to minimize them.

The first step is to be careful in the morning. The spine is most vulnerable the first hour after awakening in the early day. Strenuous physical activity that initial hour after getting up from bed should be avoided. Many people find it accommodating to do appropriate mild stretching in the morning.

Second, be careful when lifting. Bend at your knees and not at the waist, and then keep the object lifted as close to you as possible. Also tighten your abdominal muscles slightly during the lift. For example, if you are placing a child into a car seat bend at the knees to pick up the child, tighten your abdominal muscles, and keep the child as close to you as possible when lifting rather than stretching out your arms.

The third thing to know is to make sure your mattress set is in good shape. It’s essential to have proper support for our spine when we’re sleeping. A mattress that is too old can lead to problems in the long run. If a mattress is more than eight years old it may need to be replaced. And always be sure to get a new box spring when you obtain a new mattress from the store. For more information, visit New Century Spine Centers in San Diego.

Want to discover more information about back pain, then New Century Spine Centers site on how to choose the best chiropractor for your needs.

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