Cheat Your Way Thin – Nutritionist Joel Marion Discovers New Secret Diet!

Cheat Your Way Thin – Nutritionist Joel Marion Discovers New Secret Diet!

Learn About Intermittent Dieting

Cheat Your Way Thin is a unique diet put together by Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Bestselling Author Joel Marion who has more than 10 years of experience in the fitness and diet field. Cheat Your Way Thin uses a new dieting method known as “Intermittent Dieting” where you don’t actually diet 7 days a week. Intermittent Dieting allows you a few days a week to implement “Strategic Cheating” where you can eat all of the delicious foods you want, yet lose weight.

Intermittent Dieting works simply because it works with your body, not against it. All regular diets do is restrict calories excessively, causing your body to constantly be in starvation mode. Starvation mode is a protection mechanism that makes your body store fat and is meant to keep you alive in times when food is not available. This was more important for humans in the “hunter gatherer” times but now in the 21st century we have grocery stores all around us so we are consuming the same amount of calories on a daily basis.

Constantly consuming a fixed amount of calories on a daily basis is the perfect recipe for being overweight. Our bodies were originally designed to be without food for a days if we were not able to hunt for food. This is why all dieters reach what is called “the wall” or “the plateau”, it is the body’s own defense mechanism thinking your body is in danger. The truth is that you need to eat in order for your body to burn fat. The catch is that you can’t eat pizza for 7 days straight, you have to strategically alternate between days to keep your daily caloric intake changing. The Cheat Your Way Thin program will show you step by step exactly how to do this.

Cheat Your Way Thin:

  • Protects your metabolism as you lose weight
  • Requires that you regularly indulge in your favorite foods—a treat for everyone
  • Protects lean muscle tissue to help you strip fat fast
  • Produces consistent results week after week through calorie manipulation
  • It has a realistic eating guide that is easy for normal people to follow
  • Increases the natural hormone loves for higher energy and libido

Regular Diet Programs:

  • Causes your muscle tissues to break down, leading to a slower metabolism
  • Don’t provide a psychological outlet to take a break from dieting and enjoy large amounts of food
  • Don’t allow you to eat your favorite foods which is very unrealistic
  • Your weight loss will plummet when you reach the plateau
  • You will be frustrated and stressed because you have to count every gram of fat or carbs
  • Your natural hormone levels will decrease, leading to a decreased sex drive
  • Your metabolism will be destroyed from constant calorie restriction

Starvation Mode Facts:

  • The body takes about a week of calorie restriction to trigger starvation mode and stop weight loss
  • It takes a much shorter period of time to reverse starvation mode through calorie manipulation, which is what Cheat Your Way Thin does.

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Cheat Your Way Thin is a revolutionary new diet created by Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Bestselling Author Joel Marion. It was designed for people who have a hard time sticking to a restrictive diet and want more flexibility. It uses a new dieting method called Intermittent Dieting that allows you to eat junk food on certain days of the week while still reaping the benefits of fast weight loss.

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