Cheat Your Way Thin – How it Works and the Basics It Adopt from the Cheat to Lose Diet

Cheat Your Way Thin is not a brand new concept that just suddenly pops out from the creator’s brain. Instead, it is a perfection of a method that has created earlier by the author, Joel Marion, CISSN, NSCA-CPT. The first method is known as “The Cheat to Lose Diet”; it is a printed book and he creates it with the help from Dr. John M Berardi
PhD, CSCS as the recipes supplier. The book is very popular and has helped many dieters achieve their goals.

With such good and proven program as the basic, Joel evolves the technique further and creates Cheat Your Way Thin. He changes and updates the phases; break the Core Phase into five different versions, altering priming and maintenance phase, and continuously giving updates to his customers; something that he can do now since his program is a digital product.

The basic theories are still the same though; these are some aspects from Cheat to Lose diet which Joel shared when the product was launched:


Leptin is the hormone that controls the body’s starvation protection mechanism. When you are on your normal eating behavior, this hormone level is high, your metabolism is normal, and the body fat’s burning potential is high. Get on a diet and your leptin level will drop in extreme speed; this will cause your metabolism slower and your body will hold to the fat stores as a defend mechanism against starvation.

Research has shown that one day of overfeeding can restore dropped leptin back to its normal level and at the same time increase your fat burning potential. This is the basic of the “cheat day” theory. It doesn’t end at that though, you still have to schedule your cheat day since random cheat day won’t bring you anywhere; that is where you will be taught on how to put strategic implementation of regular cheating into an ideal diet and exercise program.

Diet and Exercise Setup around the Cheat Days

Research has shown that carbohydrate is highly correlated with leptin levels, so the program will setup a meal plans that manipulate carbohydrates intake between cheat days. Like its predecessor (The Cheat to Lose Diet), Cheat Your Way Thin also suggests you to have low carb day after a cheat day to gain nice fat loss. This session will be followed by more carb days to keep your leptin level stable.

Strategic planning on exercise timing is also important; apparently cardio sessions right after the cheat day can boost the program effectiveness up to three times!

The Cheat Day

The cheat day is not a carbohydrate refeeds day, so you are welcome to eat anything you want; it doesn’t even have to be pizza and cookies as Joel usually used as examples. In some cases, his customers consume other foods which a combination of carbs and fats; it is works well for them. The most important thing is eat until you moderately full and wait until you’re hungry again before having the next meal; this measurement is indeed rather vague, but by far it is still the best method.

The Cheat to Lose Diet is not unfinished program, it has helped many dieters to attain their goals; but by continuously researching and testing Joel keep improving this technique, make it even better and help even more people through his Cheat Your Way Thin program.

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Stefan V. has watched the result of overweight and obesity in his own family member since he was still a kid. Currently working in food industry, he doesn’t believe in “1 diet program works for all” and always trying to search and share various methods which can be used to deal with various obesity and overweight cases. Diets That Work is where he share all his findings includes his top weight loss program list

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