Cheat Your Way Thin – Do Not Always Trust the “Expert Dieter” Opinion

Cheat Your Way Thin; this program’s title is already controversial enough to invite various different reaction from the dieters. The lazy dieters who always look for the easiest weight loss will hurry up and put it into test while the conservative dieter community will be taking a skeptical attitude toward this kind of program.

I have seen some beginner dieter trying to ask around in the forum about this program and getting bashed quickly by these “experts”; some with polite words such as “you should try the proven diet such as South Beach” while the others said “The fact that you’re considering this knowing full well how bad it is, makes me feel sorry for you” and other rude words to discourage the beginner.

While it is not wrong to ask for an expert opinion, it is also important to keep an open mind. Just because you have through a very difficult and painful effort while dieting using conservative methods with all the exercise, workout, food restriction, food measuring, and such in your time doesn’t mean that other dieter has to going through the same process to lose weight. It is like force your kids to use typewriter because you have used it in the past while they actually can operate PC, word processor, and a printer.

Most of these “experts” are trapped in their own concept about dieting after manage to shed a few pounds using their conservative methods; refuse to accept new methods, and think that everything started with “easy”, “fast result”, and “with little effort” are scams. So before you listen to all that negative reviews and critics, these are a few misconceptions regarding Cheat Your Way Thin that need to straight up:

  1. “I see the word ‘Effortless’ and I’m instantly done reading”; by ‘effortless’ here, Joel means that you don’t need to throw away any of your favorite junk foods or have a strict food restriction since you will be consume it at the cheat day. Remember that he is a nutritionist and personal trainer, so don’t think that this is a program without training session or discipline included.
  2. “Eating junk is just that – you’re eating junk”; note that you only allowed eating junk in “cheat day” for huge caloric spike, on the other days you have to use calorie calculator from Cheat Your Way Thin for your daily needs and follow the training sessions.
  3. “Aside from the cheat day, the calorie intake is really low”; yes, a cheat day will be followed by low carbohydrates and low GI days, but there are calculation and theory behind this meal plans. If you keep track on how many calories you get at the end of the week or month you will see that it is not less than your usual calorie intake.
  4. “You don’t need factory processed, nutrient lacking foods to lose weight”; different individual has different body, necessities and lifestyle; if you can live your every day’s life eating clean and achieve great result, then go ahead. Others may need to have a few donuts, chocolates, or potato chips some times and this program can help them. The point is: do what is right and works for you.

We are surrounded by many cynical people who always know why something will not work without even bother to try it and it is not your job to do whatever they said. Each of us has different reaction to different programs. Some programs maybe work, some others don’t, and what works for other people are not necessarily work for you too. The bottom line is don’t be a fanatic of one theory; keep an open mind to all possibilities, various research performed always result in greater diet technique and one of them may be more suitable for you.

Dig the right concept about selecting a diet with open mind in Diets that work by Stefan Vincent; use that knowledge to pick the most appropriate diet for you from a selected list of weight loss program and start your enjoyable weight loss journey now!

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