Causes of Acne and Some Effective Treatment Options

You have sebaceous glands and hair follicles on your face, neck, shoulders, back and chest. They often get irritated because of the blockage in your pores, which create acne. People believe that acne is a problem usually common among teens; shockingly, the studies prove that the number of adults suffering from acne is more as compared to teens.

Acne develops because of a layer of sebaceous gland under your skin which has the responsibility to prevent your skin from getting dry. How does the sebaceous gland do that? By secreting oil and sebum through our pores! At times, when you do not clean yourself properly and the oil stays on your skin, this oil adds up and results in the blockage of pores. All this gets mixed up with your old dead cells and dirt, finally forming acne.

Whether you have back acne, chest acne, or facial acne, causes are usually the same. Genetics is held responsible for the transfer of acne in every human; if any of you parents had it, you’re likely to go through this problem as well. In case you have facial acne, chances are that you’ll have acne in some other body parts as well. However, they will be considerably different as the acne that forms on the body has larger pimples which happen due to the difference in the sizes of the pores.

Factors that cause acne have been highlighted but chest and back acne causes are still a question. It is common knowledge that irritation increases acne and sweat boosts it; thus, to avoid acne, following points can be kept in mind.

Avoid Irritation: * If you feel any part of your skin getting irritated, get it checked. Find out the reason. * Do not miss a bath, take it every day and make sure you stay clean. * To avoid sweat, wear clothes in which your skin can breathe.

There are two highly effective treatments to cure acne: 1. Light to moderate cases

If you do not have a lot of acne, simply take a shower, cleanse the skin and let it dry. After wards apply 10% alpha hydroxyl acid to keep your skin healthy and clear.

For Severe acne: We have a remedy for severe acne as well. Make sure you do this every day; take a shower and cleanse properly, let yourself dry after that. Firstly, apply 2.5% benzoyl peroxide and later 10% alpha hydroxyl acid. This works!

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