Causes and solutions of Spots and Freckles

Pressure from work, economic situations and families are one of the main causes for dark spots on face. Such formation of dark spots is highly related to the secretion of adrenaline. Adrenaline is secreted when we are under pressure. If we are always under pressure, adrenaline is secreted continuously, which then affects our body metabolism. When body metabolism is affected, our skin is affected in a way of inadequate nutrition supply. In adequate nutrition supply in turn leads to vigorous activities of pigment cells and hence the formation of dark spots. Therefore, by relaxing yourself from pressure is a good way to prevent dark spots.

Slowing down of metabolism and malfunction of ovaries also cause spots and freckles. When metabolism and function of ovaries are abnormal, our bodies may suffer from hormonal disorder. Hormonal disorder increases the seriousness of pigmentation and the formation of spots and freckles. The best way to maintain normal metabolism is by having a healthy diet and life style.

External factors like UV radiation is also a common cause for dark spots and freckles. UV radiation causes damages to skin cells. In order to protect our skin from such damages, skin cells produce a dark pigment called melanin. Dark spots and freckles are caused by such melanin. Therefore, in order to reduce dark spots, we need to reduce the production melanin. We can protect our skin with sun care products (SPF 15 or above) which reduces the production of melanin.

Ingredients in skincare and cosmetic products may also lead to formation of spots and wrinkles. When you skin is irritated by skincare and cosmetic products and that your skin is exposed to UV radiations before recovery, melanin will accumulate at the irritated areas and leads to the formation of spots and freckles. Avoid using the “fast action” skincare and cosmetic products as they are more likely to contain irritating ingredients.

Proper face cleansing is one of the most important steps for skincare. But, when you cleanse your face improperly, spots and freckles are formed. When you cleanse your face improperly, you skin may be irritated. When your skin is irritated, melanin is produced which may finally leads to spots and freckles formation.

You should choose a mild facial cleanser which has a PH value between 4.5 to 6.5. You should not cleanse your face more than three times a day. Use warm water instead of hot and cold water to cleanse your face. Gently massage and thoroughly rinse your face. Apply facial toner immediately after cleansing your face.

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