Carpets; Danger Lurking Everywhere

Should you wait till spring to clean your carpet? Not many people are aware that during winter it is very important to have the carpet cleaned by professionals like the domestic cleaners in Christchurch. Our carpets take a lot of beating during the summer months. Summer is a time for parties and fun activities. You hold barbecues for family and friends. Your children are out in the yard all day. Their friends come for sleepovers. The dog is outdoors most of the time. Slippers, shoes, and feet – these all step on the carpet depositing dirt, grime and germs.

We like to gather around the carpet. Carpeting brings warmth and color to indoor spaces. The feel of a thick, lush tufted carpeting encourages family members to sprawl out while watching movies and playing games. But carpets are known to harbor germs and bacteria that can cause respiratory diseases.

From summer to winter time, it is safe to assume that the carpet has harbored a considerable amount of dirt and germs. Families usually spend more time at home during winter and to keep the cold away, windows and doors are closed. This means that your family spends a lot of time in an enclosed environment and if your carpet has not been cleaned for winter then there is increased exposure to germs and bacteria hidden in your carpet. You will be doing your family a favor if you have your carpet cleaned before winter instead of waiting for spring cleaning. You will be able to enjoy the comforts of your home secure in the knowledge that no matter how long family members sprawl on the carpet, there is no threat to their well being. In spring, when almost everyone is busy with spring cleaning, professional cleaners are fully booked and you have to wait for several days to get your carpet cleaned.

This is what you’ll avoid if you have your carpet cleaned in winter. Most professional cleaners do not have full bookings during winter and you will be able to have yours cleaned in a short time. You may also get a better deal from domestic cleaners in Christchurch because they are not too busy during winter. If you have your heater on and open some fans, the carpet will dry easily – almost as fast as it dries during summer.

Do your homework before hiring a company to clean your carpets. Find out how long the business has been operating and if their employees are given special training. Ask if they do pre-cleaning vacuuming, which is a standard procedure. Most professional companies provide some guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction. When the domestic cleaners from Christchurch come to your house to clean your carpet, point out the areas that are soiled. These are the ones that will require special treatment. After your carpet had been professionally cleaned, give it some time to dry before walking on it or replacing furniture so you don’t run the risk of staining the carpet.

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