Caring for Dog Hot Spots

Dog hot spots are quite common among dogs and they can be very uncomfortable. There are a lot of reasons actually why these happen but among the most common is that parasites end up infesting the skin or the coat of your dog. Sometimes, an undetected psychological illness may prompt pets to develop dog hot spots.

But one thing you should know, hot spots are actually aggravated by the fact that dogs continue to gnaw and lick the particular area. What happens is that swelling and wounds eventually open on the skin along with inflammation. These lesions would be so because it was a very uncomfortable feeling that would prompt dogs to relieve themselves off of them.

Dog hot spots can worsen if not treated promptly. This is why you need to consult a vet when you observe your pet to have these. They are not to be taken lightly because dog hot spots are very uncomfortable and should be properly attended to so that they would cease.

First, you need to have the areas specifically identified so that you can shave the hair off the area surrounding it. That would make it easier for you to treat the lesions and make sure that the hair itself doesn’t contribute to further infections.

Soon as all those hair has been shaved off, you can now get your hands clean and treat eh dog hot spots. It would be best to use cool water when cleaning the wounds so that it would feel soothing enough for your pet. In addition to this, find some gentle cleanser that would help you disinfect the area instead of using alcohol since that stings.

After cleansing the dog hot spots, you would need to apply some cool compress over the area for 2 to 4 times every day until if fully heals. Make sure that you only use clean washcloth for this and that the said cloth is properly sanitized before you place it over the dog hot spots. This is necessary to help relieve the pain and itching from your dog.

Although you might have successfully done the part of cleaning the dog hot spots, you shouldn’t be left contented with not seeing the vet. You should still do that because medications might be necessary to completely heal your dog. Plus, the dog hot spots might just be a symptom of something more major.

Antibiotics are the most common meds that will help kill any bacteria or virus which prompted the dog hot spots. In addition to this, some topical cream may also be prescribed so that the scabs and lesions would finally heal as well.

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