Can one use a garlic supplement in place of eating the garlic?

in case you don’t like the taste of it can you take a supplement and have the same effect from the garlic?

I want to eat garlic or onions everyday in our food so they can work to clean out toxins in our body but I can’t put garlic in some of our meals.

just curious if supplementing the garlic with a garlic supplement/vitamin….is the same?

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  1. I’m very sorry to hear that you or your family don’t like the taste of garlic.

    Garlic…Is a clove. But you can get it broken down for you and buy it in capsuls at a health food store. It is definitly a superfood, but seriously, I’ve never heard of people not liking the taste of garlic.

    It’s about the same having a serving of about 500 milligrams, but theres nothing like taking the real thing. Aged garlic of over 2 year’s is way healthier at that.

  2. It will never be the same as actually eating Garlic but if they have a supplement I guess it would take the same effect otherwise they wouldn’t be selling it just a milder effect.

  3. cyn_texas says:

    I would think whole raw (freshly crushed) garlic would have the most health benefits. You could make a salad dressing with onions & garlic and eat a salad daily.

    That’s not always possible. When I used to have a high carb way of eating, I had constant infections and would use garlic as a natural antibiotic I didn’t try using whole garlic but used garlic supplements. Not all worked, some were very expensive. The cheapest most effective I’ve found is linked below. It’s garlic oil and a handful or two worked for knocking out infections quickly but apparently I would stink of garlic.

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