Can higer rep ranges lead to fuller looking muscles or actually reduce muscle mass?

I have read that higher rep workouts with medium weights i.e 3 sets of 20 reps can make your muscles appear fuller due to storage of glycogen. However, I have also read that higher rep ranges can actually lead to loss of muscle mass!! Does anyone know which is true?? Thanks for any help…

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  1. If you do higher reps your muscles will look more definitioned but if you do more weight and less reps you gain more muscle mass but it wont have as good definition

  2. Tim Conway says:

    alright, more of pushing yourself and more reps will obviously make you have better endurance and strength but not necessarily make your muscles larger or smaller….

  3. usually doing higher reps is used for toning and cutting up while lower and more explosive reps help to fill out your muscles because the fast twitch muscles are activated due to the explosive movement. so if your wanting to add size and strength, stick with heavy weight and lower reps and make sure your being explosive. higher reps should be done slower and less explosive for more detail.

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