Can Acupuncture Help Reduce Anxiety?

With the stressful lifestyle we have today, anxiety conditions are very common among people. Stress at workplace, peers and at home can lead to problems of anxiety. Anxiety is defined as a continuous state of fear related to a situation or to an object. This overwhelming feeling of anxiety can lead to social and mental impairment that can impose negative effect on a person’s health and well-being. Acupuncture for anxiety is known to be an effective and a safe method of relieving pain caused by stress. This is a technique use to alleviate stress in the body. And it is highly recommended as an alternative in the medicine field.

[Acupuncture For Anxiety]

Acupuncture for Anxiety Attacks.Anxiety comes in a variety of severity levels and forms. Most anxieties are normal reactions to tension and new situations, such as being tense prior to giving out a speech. Then again, some anxiety attacks are so random and disproportionate that one must be worried. Thankfully, acupuncture for anxiety is here to help balance the physical and mental aspects of someone.One will fanatically think about the fearful situation repeatedly, in the course of an anxiety attack. The sufferer from an anxiety attack has numerous physical symptoms such as increased heart rate, shallow breaths, chest pains, vomiting and headaches. By noticing the pulse and tongue of the sufferer, the acupuncturist can figure out which traditional medicine pattern of anxiety the patient is feeling.Numerous anxiety conditions are heart and kidney related. In oriental medicine, the kidney is regarded as the water organ that helps balances off the heart in case there is a surplus of emotions. The heart is considered the Yang energy organ, responsible for providing energy all over the body.The acupuncturist exposes the causes of disharmony in the human body, and then balances the body as a whole. Acupuncture is helpful in treating various illnesses as it addresses anxiety symptoms and causes.

A classic acupuncture treatment takes one or two sessions. Sometimes, however, a treatment is required for a few months. The duration of a treatment differs upon the difficulty of the patterns of imbalance. Nutrients, herbs and vitamins are a great supplement to acupuncture in balancing and nourishing the body.Acupuncture for anxiety attacks is just right for those who prefer a natural and safe therapy. Consult a certified acupuncturist. He or she will help you to find out what the most appropriate remedy plan is for you.Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment that has a wide variety of uses. It’s been around for thousands of years and has been used to treat individuals suffering from back pain and other forms of pain, to improve fertility, relieve stress, and for other purposes.It works by inserting thin, sterile needles in certain points on the body, which practitioners believe helps to release positive energy, which in the process pushes out negative energy. Practitioners believe that a life force, called Qi, may become blocked due to trauma, stress, poor diet or lack of exercise, and may manifest in a variety of different ways. By unblocking this life energy, patients feel relief.

Anxiety and depression affect people around the world, and many seek treatment in a variety of forms from speaking with a therapist to prescription medication. Acupuncture has been helpful in addressing depression and anxiety, as it can be a good reliever of stress. It is intended to relax individuals throughout the treatment, which can have a positive effect on many individuals who are suffering from depression or anxiety.Acupuncture has even been used to treat individuals with a pulled muscle or back pain. It’s treated those with arthritis, headaches and migraines, whiplash, sciatica, fractures, muscle tears, bruises, etc. Before you seek acupuncture for any injury or emotional disorder such as anxiety, post-partum depression, etc. speak with your doctor. Individuals may enjoy varying degrees of success with acupuncture, but many have reported success with a variety of conditions including infertility.

The exact reasons for acupuncture’s success are not fully understood, but studies have indicated that putting the thin needles used in acupuncture into certain points on the body helps with the production of endorphins. Scientists differ as to whether certain activities such as acupuncture help to release endorphins, as studies conducted use endorphin plasma levels and this may not be an accurate portrayal of endorphin plasma levels present in the central nervous system.

Acupuncture is an alternative medicine, which was practiced in China around five thousand years ago.Since physical health can also affect a person’s emotions or mind, anxiety and depression could be the result. Without proper treatment and care, anxiety and depression may cause other serious physical sicknesses especially after some time. Even simple worries are classified as anxiety issues. Ones that are more serious are like post-traumatic stress and panic attacks. If a person suffers from chest pain, shortness of breath and a higher heart beat rate, these could be indications of anxiety.

You have come across people that suffer from anxiety and they inform you that they have done everything to ensure that the disorder is treated. If you know of such a person, you should encourage them to try acupuncture. This form of treatment has been there for quite a long while and it has been used by the ancient Chinese to treat various diseases and conditions, anxiety being one of them. However, most people have a wrong perception about acupuncture as they think it is a painful procedure. This is due to the use of tiny needles that are placed on certain points in the body.

Acupuncture points for anxiety are mainly the same points that are used to treat other disorders such as panic attacks using acupuncture. It is said that these points help to balance the body’s energy, ‘chi’. Anxiety, as it is mainly a mental thing can be easily treated using this method as it is holistic and works for both the mind and body. Before you go for acupuncture, it is good that you understand the acupuncture process and how it works. You should know about points on your body that these acupuncture needles are going to be placed in order to treat anxiety.There are various points within one’s body that acupuncture needles can be inserted. It is known that these points usually vary depending on disorder or disease being treated. However, there are certain areas that these needles must be inserted no matter the disorder. Therefore, in treating anxiety, below are the points these needles are inserted.

Other Options.Some people may find that they do not want to undergo acupuncture for a number of different reasons. For example if you have a fear of needles then going to an acupuncture session could actually increase your anxiety levels which would be counterproductive. If this is the case then you may want to consider acupressure which uses touch rather than needles. In addition cupping may be a valuable alternative which uses the same process as acupuncture without the needles.In addition there are also a number of other treatments you could consider such as Tai chi, yoga, massage, progressive relaxation, meditation and many others. If you are suffering from anxiety then the best treatments are those that you have initiated as it shows a desire to improve. If you are considering alternative therapies then we would recommend you do full research and discuss your options with therapists before you begin. This will allow you to find the best treatment for you and ensure you have the best possible change of recovery.

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