Can a person survive on just water and nutrient supplements?

If a person drank Water to satisfy Hunger and took Vitamins, Carb supplements, Mineral Supplements, Protein Drinks and Healthy Fats can they live a healthy life?

Serious educated answers only please
I am not planning on doing this nor looking to lose weight, I just happenedto think whydowe need food…

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  1. Not for long term, no supplements offer the true nutrients to be healthy, …for example, you cannot not broccoli in a pill, ..not the 100% benefits.
    You can go without food, but not water, ..
    I believe a person can do a "water fast" safely for 30-40 days…..however, there are things that must be done to prepare the body for it.
    ..but basically supplements, are simple just that , "supplements"….made for when you CANT get enough of the right foods…but not to be depended on.
    I dont think your organs would be healthy over a long period of time without the right food.

  2. Hi Hun,

    It is very possible to survive on these elements, but your organs will eventually break down if they aren't used after a certain amount of time. The only problem with drinking supplemental liquids instead of consuming real food is that eventually, you will go back on whole foods. But if you've been on pure liquids for an extended amount of time and then switch back, your organs will be so weak and frail, that you may actually colaps because your organs suddenly have to work hard.

    Hope this helps!

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