Calorie Shifting for Weight Loss


Have you ever tried a new diet, managed to achieve some weight loss initially, and then found yourself stuck at the same weight after the initial weight loss? You continue that diet, but find that you are not progressing at all, and you decide to go off that diet and end up gaining the weight you lost back. Does that sound familiar? There could be a variety of reasons why your diet failed to produce consistent weight loss results.

One of the key reasons has to do with your metabolism.

Metabolism is the process inside your body where it provides the energy needed from food. The consumed food is converted into fuel for the body that allows us to do everything from breathing to thinking to growing. Life ends, when metabolism stops.  When you follow a diet for a period of time, your body’s metabolism naturally adapts to the expected food and calorie consumption of that diet, and when this happens, your weight loss effort usually stalls.

What is Calorie Shifting? Does it Really Work for Weight Loss?

The idea behind calorie shifting is to constantly change the amount of calories you consume to confuse your body such that it is constantly guessing at how much calories it can expect to consume; thus helping your body maintain a higher metabolism, which in theory should lead to weight loss.

Calorie shifting is basically a zig-zag type of diet where you might consume low calories for a short period of time (say one to three days) then follow that with a short period of high calories consumption. Rinse and repeat. While there are many different ways and methods, the basic idea is to down-shift calories for a short period of time, and then up-shift calories intake for a short period of time – keeping your body constantly guessing.

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