Buying Guide For Printers And Ink Cartridges For Your Home Office

The advancements in computer and telecommunications technologies and the Internet have made it possible for us to work from home. More and more companies are ascribing to the philosophy of achieving work-life balance by allowing their employees to work off-site or at home several times within the year. Stay at home moms can also engage in small businesses by setting up their own home offices.

Fax machines, high performance computers, high speed internet connections, dedicated home telephone lines or mobile phones are home office essentials. Naturally, you would want to add pieces of equipment related to your line of work. If you are doing graphic design, into desktop publishing or a professional photographer you would need graphic tablets, additional file storage, scanners, and most importantly, printers.

The volume and kind of projects you put out are important factors to think about when looking for a printer for your home office. Price while important, should not be the sole determinant of a good buy. Some may be really inexpensive but then again underperforms or are not as durable. Unlike laser printers, printing costs are generally lower for inkjet printers and they can be used immediately once they are turned on. Hence they are practical choices for home offices.

Home offices need to have a constant supply of different sized papers, pens, envelopes, and inkjet cartridges. Because you need to replenish these often, you need to find suppliers which offer the best prices. Luckily, there are plenty of vendors of these inkjet cartridges online. Aside from having competitive prices, online suppliers also provide free delivery most of the time. You can further save on inkjet cartridges if you get them from third party ink suppliers. These remanufactured or compatible cartridges produce the same quality of prints as OEM ones. Expectedly, printer manufacturers do not encourage buying these non-OEM inkjet cartridges and have even gone to great lengths to say that it can reduce the lifetime of both print and printer.

Another criticism of these non-OEM cartridges is that the volume of ink in them is not the same as those provided by the manufacturer themselves. While they are indeed cost-efficient, remember that using non-OEM cartridges will make you ineligible for warranty coverage. Another foolproof way on how you can save on your inkjet cartridge purchase is to buy in bulk and to use coupons or discount codes at checkout.

Inkjet printers have lower cost per page and are practical choices for a home based business or your home office. Furhter lower down your operational cost by getting the best deals on inkjets cartridges online. For more money saving tips, click here. for more information on above topic, visit inkjets cartridges

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