Burnout In Home Schooling

No matter if you are learning in a traditional school or in a home schooling program, there will come a time when you will experience burnout. This is something that you have to avoid so that your learning progress is not affected.

Here are a few helpful tips that you can make use of to prevent possible home schooling burnout:

Understand your limitations. From the very start, you should already know your limitations and your child’s limitations. You must be capable of taking things slowly sometimes, especially if your child is still young since you have to bear in mind your child’s learning capacity. Most students are average learners, obviously, so you have to give the lessons based on your child’s learning pace. Never expect your small child to read complicated reading selections nor your teen to ace SAT exams.

Don’t follow rigid schedules, because this can put pressure on your child. You should simply set an interesting routine for your child to follow. Children spend most of their time doing routine activities like getting up in the mornings, eating hearty breakfasts, reading, writing, doing light chores, etc. You must insist that they finish their routine activities before they can play outside or with the computer. Even the routine activities vary from day to day but you have to make sure that your child follows these routine activities. You can throw in occasional incentives or fun activities if they finish their routine tasks earlier.

You should try to get into the spirit of home schooling with your child, since it is one way of developing a strong relationship with your child and if you and your child can relate to each other, you will find it very much easier to handle curriculum struggles and motivation issues later on. Besides motivating and guiding your child, you can also follow some of your own interests like gardening or cooking. If your child sees you pursuing your own interests, then he or she will also be motivated to do the same.

Since your child is in a home schooling program, you should not try to copy a traditional schools environment. Try to use unusual ways when teaching your child. Home schooling is also about flexibility and creativity, and if you can create a light-hearted but firm atmosphere, you can probably avoid burnout.

Always try to remember that with home schooling, you don’t have to structure your teaching methods in the traditional way. You can just do things in a fun way especially with very young children so that they learn easily. Just ensure you keep the day in the right perspective to prevent burnout. Although your children may forget some of the day’s lessons, that’s all right too because somehow they grow in intelligence as well as in physique.

Of course, your children will always cherish your moments together and remember fondly how well you treated them. The song goes: “… there’s no place like home” and for little students this is the best place to learn their first lessons in life. If your teens are already in high school or in college, they too can still pursue home schooling if they want to. That is also a good decision because you get to monitor your offsprings’ performance.

Parents always try to look after their children’s best interests, so, if after careful thought, you still think that home schooling is the right option for your family, then run with it. Just follow the advice stated above in order to avoid burnout. Make time for enjoyable activities from time to time in order to avoid monotony, which may lead to burnout.

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