Build Your Own Solar Panels – It’s Easy!

Unknown to many, the benefits of solar power is often ignored. Did you know that the Earth receives a daily dose of 174 PETAWATTS and that is only a fraction of the sun’s power.

Aside from the fact that it’s clean, reusable energy, solar power is easily obtainable. The only real problem you’ll meet is how to harness it and store it. While some technologies and research studies pertaining to the solar energy are made, inventing more efficient ways in reusing it is more beneficial for mankind. Doing a homemade solar panel is a good project. It actually came from the idea of commercial solar panels installed in some households to save energy.

A kid could even make one with the common materials usually available at your nearest hardware store. An improvised cuprous oxide sheet from a small sheet of copper flashing can serve the purpose of a miniature solar panel at a remarkably cheap price.

Unfortunately, a homemade solar panel will never reach the same amount of energy that a common household consumes in one day, unless you want hectares of panels in your backyard. But, no matter how little it may be, a few panels are already good investment and will be very helpful in times of emergencies. A handful of solar panels plus a battery should be enough to light a bulb or use basic household appliances. With proper knowledge and electrical skills, you can individually rig your other appliances like stoves and refrigerators with you own homemade solar panels.

How can you build your own solar panel? It’s easy. But first of all, you have to have solar cells. However, getting a solar cell at a reasonable price is the biggest stumbling block in a solar panel project. The good news is, you can also buy second-hand solar panel kits from online stores like eBay. The price range is just around $100. Just make sure, the one you are getting doesn’t have scratch and stains. It isn’t very hard to build your own solar panel. Once all materials are available, you can just access instructional videos online for a step-by-step guide and your solar panels will be ready in no time.

A homemade solar panel is an efficient answer to the skyrocketing electric bill and recurring power shortage. You can easily build your own solar panels if you have solar cells. You can buy brand new solar cells if your budget allows it. Otherwise, you can buy second hand ones. When building homemade solar panels, you can access different instructional videos for your guide.

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