Brooklyn New York Smile Makeovers

Brooklyn dentist Laurence A. Langer DDS has seen the demand for smile makeovers continue to grow. At one time, people were most concerned with oral health, including gum and tooth preservation – and they still are. But now, with an increased emphasis on our youthful society, many patients are consulting with Dr. Langer about the benefits of a more youthful look with an emphasis on a smile makeover.

There’s a good reason, too. Once oral health issues are under control, people realize that the attractiveness of one’s smile is probably one of the first things people notice. Business people – and people generally – want to make a good first impression. An even appearing, white smile always inspires confidence and projects warmth and congeniality.
Brooklyn dentist Dr. Langer pointed out to us recently that there are a variety of procedures he utilizes to perfect a good smile, including porcelain veneers, bleaching, bonding, implants and numerous state of the art procedures. He says that a smile makeover involves consideration of the patient’s facial appearance, skin tone, hair color, teeth, gum tissue, and tips to develop a smile that is specific and appropriate to the individual seeking the consultation.
Brooklyn dentist Laurence Langer DDS emphasizes that among the easiest ways to improve your look is to improve your smile. Not only can a smile makeover improve the way you look, it can also improve your confidence.
A smile makeover can involve many aspects of dentistry, while certain cosmetic procedures target and deal with specific problems. These problems are aside from the pure aesthetics of the teeth themselves, including bite and gums. Some Brooklyn dentistry treatments may need to be carried out first. When choosing a dental practice, you may find it more convenient to opt for an extreme makeover dentist or dental practice that can provide all of the treatment you need, and not just select cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Langer and his staff can invariably deliver the smile you are looking for, but first you need to choose the look. Technology has a huge role to play in twenty-first century dentistry, and it starts right at the beginning. Simulation and computerized imagery can give you a good idea of how certain procedures (reshaping and reconstruction) will affect your smile. Meanwhile, the technological advancements and materials available today make it much easier to predict the results of cosmetic treatment.

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