Britain’s Most Dangerous Roads

It may not be a very festive thought, but the winter weather will increase your chances of a car accident by up to 48%. In fact, the combination of potential drink driving and frosty weather conditions means that Christmas is often labelled as the most dangerous time of year on the roads. So, if you’re thinking about taking a festive road trip, perhaps you should take a look at our list of the UK’s most dangerous roads, and discover the accident hotspots to avoid.

1. The Cat & Fiddle Road
Famed for its steep roads, sharp turns and stone walls, the Cat & Fiddle route in Macclesfield is an ever-present in the list of the most dangerous road in Britain. Named after The Cat and Fiddle pub at the top of the A537, the route reaches dizzying heights of 1,690 feet and is favoured by thrill seeking motorcyclists looking for a wild weekend ride. Although the road is surrounded by idyllic Cheshire countryside, it sees 30 fatal accidents occur every year.

2. The A5012 in Derbyshire
Not far from the A537 is the UK’s second most dangerous road: the A5012 in Derbyshire. Nicknamed the ‘Rollercoaster route’, this road showcases a number of killer twists and turns that result in numerous fatal accidents every year. In fact, research has proved that single carriageway roads like the A5012 are actually six times more risky to drive on than motorways and twice as dangerous as dual carriageways.

3. Baslow to Totley: A621
The seemingly peaceful views of the A621 in Derbyshire road are often a welcome distraction for motorists. Yet each year, a growing number of bikers and motorists are involved in serious accidents. The majority of these accidents were reported to have occurred at junctions, proving that drivers should take more care while out and about at Christmas, as the winter weather affects road surfaces and visibility.

4) A625: Calver to Sheffield
A fifth of UK motorists and passengers refuse to wear a seatbelt – a shocking figure that certainly won’t do them any favours on the A625 in South Yorkshire. This winding road comes in at number four on the list and is full of dangerous sharp, twists and turns.

5. Congleton to Buxton: A54
Number five takes us back into the Derbyshire hills with the A54. The majority of collisions that have happened on this road have involved tourists and motorcyclists due to the sharp turns and bends.

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