Breast Implants Prices – What Is The Price Of Breast Augmentation And Where Will I Get My Boobs Done?

Breast implants cost between $1,000 and $1,300. The price of breast augmentation, however, ranges from $5,000 to $15,000. This augmentation fee includes not just the breast implants and the doctor’s fee, but additionally an anesthesia fee and a facility (medical center) fee. The anesthesia fee for breast augmentation is between $600 and $800; the doctor’s fee for the surgery is usually $3,350, and the facility fee ranges from $800 to $1,200.

Although these are average breast implants prices, the exact cost of your breast augmentation procedure relies on other factors like the surgeon required, geographic location, the type of breast implant you want, and if you have multiple breast surgery at a time.

First, the actual cost of your breast augmentation surgery is subject to the type of surgeon you need. Usually, surgeons that are skilled in more than one area of breast augmentation (and for whom some patients may employ for more than one breast surgery) will demand a greater price for their services due to their specialized expertise. The next factor that determines your breast surgery expenses is the geographic location. Depending on where you live in various parts of the country, you may be charged more in some regions where there are more specialized doctors for such surgeries than in others. Los Angeles is such an area; breast augmentation surgeries are more expensive there than other regions because there are an overwhelming number of doctors able to perform breast surgeries. If you live in an urban area (like Los Angeles or Chicago), expect to pay a greater price for breast augmentation than those who live in rural areas.

Another major factor for breast surgery prices is the type of breast implant you prefer, whether you choose silicon gel implants or saline implants. Surgeries with silicon gel implants require a surgeon fee of $3,800, while surgeon fees regarding saline implants cost $3,300. In addition to surgeon’s fees and the type of breast implants, other medicines and medical supplies for breast augmentation surgeries also increase the cost. While the costs of breast surgery may be extremely expensive, it can be satisfying for patients who have a medical need supplied by breast surgery. To ascertain whether or not you want to have breast augmentation surgery as well as what kind of implants you may prefer, please visit a trusted medical site or doctor’s office and view their breast augmentation before and after photo gallery. A trusted source on the web for breast augmentation before and after photos can be the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

There are breast implants financing solutions for the person thinking about breast augmentation surgery. One such financing alternative is a direct payment plan, where your breast surgeon will establish a payment plan for every month plus interest. Another such financing choice is provided by breast surgeons, but allows patients to do a bit of research of their own to determine what financing option works for them. Breast surgeons will allow their patients research financing options before deciding upon which one. There are even credit card and loan financing options to cover the costs of plastic surgery. It is important to understand what you are expected to pay, how much, and how long before agreeing to a financing option. Since breast augmentation is a non-medically essential surgery, your health insurance will not cover the costs of breast surgery.

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