Bodybuilding and Competitive Drug Use

The lifestyle of a professional weightlifter is a difficult lifestyle to attempt to embody day-to-day. It by necessity requires dedication, as well as a deep knowledge, on some level, of science and basic body chemistry. As the understanding of body chemistry has grown, many individuals have used this newly cultivated knowledge as a method of stealing at an edge over their competition and have made the choice to use compounds known as anabolic steroids. In many countries around the world steroids are outlawed.

Steroids, however, weren’t always universally banned. Before the legislation making steroids illegal many weightlifters saw what their competition was achieving through utilizing them, and found themselves having swiftly jumped on the bandwagon. Indeed, steroids back then were more commonly legal, and thus were easier for you to be able purchase. The trouble with this was, of course, the risks were not well understood, and indeed they still aren’t.

Anabolic steroids will most assuredly always be a problem within the arena of professional sports. Just as new tests emerged to establish evidence of drug usage, then as an almost immediate consequence new drugs and methods come out for the same professional weightlifters to get an edge on the competition. This process is a kind of mutual arms race that professional athletes aspiring to make their grab at millions of dollars are engaged in with the regulating committees. I am not discussing just professional bodybuilding here.

However, there does in fact exist a few different biological hacks that are also becoming better understood that can enable athletes to have an edge without the use of drugs. A few of these hacks come in the form of changes in diet, or special fitness routines developed to complement the human bodies hormonal rhythms. One hack certainly worthy of mention is just utilizing the sauna after a weightlifting session in your local health club.

Growth hormone is notably a chemical of abuse in a variety of competitive sports, and this may come as a surprise, it can be amplified naturally from the heat found in sauna use. No doubt internally increasing growth hormone should always be preferred over taking it exogenously. When a man or woman takes hormones made outside the body this naturally suppresses the manufacturing of the same hormones within their body, and this can result in things like hypogonadism. Indeed, sauna use has been found to enable better control of insulin as well, and insulin is known to be a drug that is abused within the bodybuilding community as well.

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