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  1. onesogreat77 says:

    u playing wit power kdogg

  2. xxLAX2Wrestlerxx says:

    i didn’t see the 4 and 5……lmao

  3. and he hit it wit no spotter mane!…(lol)

  4. PowerDrink100 says:

    I didn’t know Kali can sing! Watch 6:38

  5. Jamesclementprod says:


  6. 91lilfrozone23 says:

    not having a spotter is not being badass it’s being STUPID.
    ur a freak though, good job.

  7. Good job bro

  8. pellepellecorps says:

    the guy in the video is kali muscle and he just won a heavyweight division competition in bodybuilding recently

  9. sfinx2000 says:

    You got some power homeboi. So are you just into lifting or do you plan on competing?

  10. HARDMANALIVE says:

    great display of strength. none of these hatin muthafucka critics can do half of what you can do…plus they look like shit compared to you… so fuck em and keep up the hard work.

  11. except for if you go touch you chest and don’t bounce it is a lot more stress on your body and CNS. you should get on the gymnastic rings and also do some ross training workouts if you want a real workout

  12. ThUmPeRz88 says:


  13. jesusflies says:

    i hate to think wat thats doin to his arched back!
    but fuckin hell hes strong

  14. tweetybirdzhouse says:

    All these fagots talking about go all the way down don’t know shit I bench the same way. Its the same principle as push ups you don’t let your chest touch the floor on a pushup because it takes the stress off the muscle. same thing with the bench press stopping inches short of the chest keep the stress on the muscle and prevent you from cheating by bouncing the weight off your chest. Yall should try a real workout.

  15. martin1106 says:

    Great work! hardcore workout!

    Why don’t you go all the way down when doing the bench press?

  16. Uaintfireliar says:

    kali fustle you got to go all the way down my man you half assing your benching

  17. Duendekof says:

    puro poder hermano

  18. “…it don’t make muscle, it don’t make sense”. I’m gonna use that one.

  19. if you brought it down 2 more inches a lot more people would be impressed. still ridiculous strength though.

  20. suaveA2cool says:

    blacks dnt compete in strong man compellations cause we dnt care about it like hockey or gymnastics

  21. sonakoya2001 says:

    yep i agree…its impossible to get that big without putting on any fat…


  22. Huge pecs, delts and arms. The short-ranged bench was a little disappointing but you moved a lot of weight in that workout. Certified freak in my book 🙂

  23. dammn dats crazy yo
    nice work
    1 question how u get dat line in between ur chest??

  24. flyerDT08 says:

    damn nice form dude

  25. Mebeawannabe says:

    This guy is awesome

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