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  1. TiGeRiZNuMbeR1 says:

    next ronnie coleman

  2. onesogreat77 says:

    raw power this here

  3. Starwarstreky says:

    Thumb up video.

  4. at one point, when it comes to higher weights you can’t still remain your best form, it’s coz you don’t wanna have your joints injured, so it’s ok with such curls.

    and if Kali was doing lower weight, it is just not a big sense for him anymore, coz of goals he’d like to achieve…

    2Vivacco2, be cool, man, it is no point in hating somebody on inet even if he says bullshit…

  5. totaljett says:

    He got a goodpoint. Drugged up pros not handling his kind of weight. This guy has truley dedicated himself over the years.

  6. KTomlin20 says:

    chopsticks. being 7 percent body fat and having 17 and a half inch arms as a 17….pretty sure that aint chop sticks asshole…. grow some balls?…ask ur mom about my balls cause i make that bitch choke on em

  7. shut the fuck up weakling! that’s why his arms are huge and strong and yours are like chopsticks. grow some balls man!

  8. hotgymnast67 says:

    his back isn’t gonna get hurt shut up you pansy.

  9. KTomlin20 says:

    he is one strong dude but wen he brags about curling the 100 pound dumbbells for 6 reps in each hand he forgets to say that its horrible form just waiting to hurt his back…way to heavy

  10. fuckin animal hahahaha nice thouhg

  11. LocciersPit says:


    if he can do this much, what the fuck can good old ronnie do?

  12. INCMILWAUKEE says:


  13. SneakyLix says:

    Its about diet and hard exercise man, for real. Look up UndergroundWellness here on youtube, get hip to the truth. I lost thirty pounds and got stronger..

  14. thanks.

  15. take hydroxycut for 3 months. itl cost ya but that shit works

  16. when he does the 100’s… “NARRR NARRR NARRR” lmao

  17. pellepellecorps says:

    what is the second excersize called that he’s doing?

  18. i am 6’e about 319 lbs.what can i do to get down to about 260`without losing strength

  19. qualitylife84 says:

    mad props , if he cuts down to 200lbs , hez gonna look like a extreme beast.

  20. matthewm888888888888 says:

    so he can kill alliance?

  21. this guy is a beast
    damnn u are the man lolz

  22. holy fucking shit!!!!!!!!!! heavy weight

  23. He could do doubling for cole out of gears of war

  24. unless your sleeping with him what does it matter?

  25. kevinsumal says:

    cuz it feels good to workout and get bigger and it looks good too

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