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  1. zippyman818 says:

    Radiology service in Richmond have never been so good. I wonder what Clay Jackson’s and Weston Estes’ opinions are of the good doc?

    Wolfgang’s Gym, the spot for gang-tanning!

  2. tinkleberries says:

    he turns me on so much i just wanna poop on his chest…mmmm

  3. diamond1285 says:

    damn, what a fuckable pecs. wanna chest fuck this hot muscle stud. wanna rub, grind, and pressed my 9 inch cock against his pecs and cum all over his chest, armpits, and ab. wanna lick his nipples, armpits, and ab.

  4. socaldood04 says:

    I want to rub those pecs!

  5. steerpike66 says:

    DOCTOR Wessinger. Man, I’m overdue for a check-up.

  6. Where John Wessinger,MD? What a great doctor he must be….

  7. wrw2champ says:

    any updates on handsome John Wessinger?

  8. iluv2flex says:

    He is one handsome man….and that chest!!!
    and those big thick veins on his biceps!!!
    just ad to the whole package

  9. in2muslmen says:

    He is the most gorgeous, sexiest bodybuilder! That is a chest to die for!

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