Body Fat Percentage is The Proper Way to Determine Fitness

Because your body is about 50-55% water, you can temporarily stage-manage your weight with diet pills and fad diets however you can't manipulate your body fat percentage. Body fat percentage is a rather more suggestive metric for gauging physical fitness than what you can get out of height and weight tables.

The U.S. Military established a maximum allowable body fat % standard that is applicable to every body from recruit to four-star general. Failure to meet the body fat percentage standard means no promotions and no career coaching. Repeated failure to meet the standard will result in an early exit from the Regiment. That’s a oppressive result.

At least with the Regiment people know what to expect in consequence of ignoring their own physical fitness. The world we all live in won't be as fair as the Division in defining those results the results might be as unpleasant.

Excessive body fat connotes a lack of private discipline and can end up in low pride. It plays down appearance and endorses a poor state of health, physical fitness or stamina. That's what analysts found from measuring the responses of folk to pictures of different body types.

The maximum acceptable body fat percentages for each body in the U.S. Armed forces are shown below. Chances are that you aren't in the army and never propose to be however are you able to suggest a completely researched or meticulously made standard?

Maximum allowable body fat pc.s are categorized by age and sex. For males this is the breakdown:

Age 17 “20: Max Body Fat is 20%

Age 21 “27: Max Body Fat is 22%

Age 28 “39:. Max Body Fat is 24%

Age 40 and over: Max Body Fat is 26%

And for females:

Age 17 “20: Max Body Fat is 28%

Age 21 “27: Max Body Fat is 30%

Age 28 “39:. Max Body Fat is 32%

Age 40 and over: Max Body Fat is 34%

It’s true that knowing your body fat percentage is a mandatory initial step to getting fit and trim. Because your body is about 55-60% water, you can stage-manage your weight with weight control pills and trend diets you can't manipulate body fat percentage.

Consider making your physical fitness target to get your body fat percentage in accordance with the U.S. Armed forces standard for the maximum allowable body fat % for your age and gender. When you get there you'll have accomplished something significant and made physical fitness a positive habit. You will be in a position to take your body-building and fitness ambitions anywhere you want to go.

Fortunately determining your body fat percentage is simple. If you can't or don't want to get it done at a gym or anywhere else aside from privately, it is possible to get a body fat caliper at a sporting products store or at There is an under $15 model and even one with a digital readout for just about $30. The instructions that come with the body fat caliper are beneficial enough for you to take readings as accurate as you would get at the gym or the doctor’s office. You can also use the online body fat tools like the ones found in the calculators section of has produced simple to utilize health calculators since 1998. HealthStatus has more than 30 free tools you need to use to appraise your health including a body mass index calculator and ideal weight calculator.

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