Body Building At Home

So can you do body building at home? That is, are you able to effectively work and build all the necessary muscles to have a toned, sculpted and overall huge muscular body without all of the specialized equipment that you will find at a gym?

Dumbbells are cheap and easy to store in the smallest of bedrooms or dorm room. If you really don’t actually have the cash for those – as an example if you are a teenager with no job and a tiny allowance – then you might start out by using plastic water bottles, the kind that you can simply grip in the middle. Nevertheless you will soon want to move up in the weights, so plan on saving your allowance or asking for a good set of dumbbells for your next birthday, holiday or as a random present from any family member who is feeling generous.

The next thing that you’re going to need is a flat/incline exercise bench. This may cost a little more and it takes up more storage space too it considerably increases the number of exercises you will be able to do. The bottom line is that an adjustable bench is going to be a must have if you are counting on doing any major body building at home.

Finally, a barbell with a group of barbell weights completes the basic equipment. You can manage with either dumbbells or a barbell, you do not really need both, but if you’ve got the space and a couple more dollars this can add variety to your workout.

Your exercise program can then include a barbell bench press exercise with and not with weights, and the complete range of dumbbell or barbell exercises (rows, curls, extensions and raises). Be sure to plan your routine so you are covering different muscles each time. Don’t work out each day but have a couple of rest days in the week.

So how long will it take before you get results? It would be great if we could bulk up overnite, but that simply does not occur. Bide your time, keep to your routine as you planned it for body building at home and you ought to start to see results in two weeks.

Tony Kinley is the writer of several fitness and weight loss for men programs. Visit his website to find out more about how to get muscles.

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