Binaural Audio Programs Can Easily Help You to Induce a Meditative Mind State

Binaural beats are a leading edge product technology based primarily on principles discovered early in the nineteenth century. Theta binaural audio programs operate principally in the 5-8 Hz range and can be employed to lead the brain into a very deep meditative consciousness state. Theta binaural beats sessions may be employed either alone or in association with your favorite conventional meditation techniques.

Our minds function at different speeds or “frequencies”. As common sense should suggest to us, our mind runs at quicker frequencies when it is more active and lesser frequencies when it is relaxed or calm. The four typically accepted cerebral frequency ranges are beta, alpha, theta and delta.

Our brains are in the fast beta range (15-39 Hz) when we are actively using our brains for complicated thinking jobs such as reading, problem-solving or performing complicated logic. When the dominant frequency is in the alpha range (9-14 Hz), we feel calm, centered and tightly focused. We could even be in a light meditative state of mind. When our brain is operating in the range of 5-8 Hz, our brains are operating at an extremely “slowed down” level. We have entered the theta range – a range conducive to deep physical and mental relaxation states. This state is helpful for deep meditation, creativeness jobs and even certain sleep states. Delta (1-4 Hz) is the slowest range in which our brain operates. This range is linked with deep sleep, unconsciousness and some extremely deep relaxation states.

Brain function technicians found long ago the theta brainwave frequency range is the range which the brain naturally operates in when it’s been induced into a mind state of profound meditation. So, entering a deep meditative state immediately places the brain into the theta operating range. And since theta brainwave frequencies are inextricably associated with a mind state of deep meditation, it follows logically that the reverse is also true: leading the brain into the theta frequency operating range will automatically place the brain in a deep meditative state.

This is the physical principle behind theta binaural audio technology. Through a scientific principle known as entrainment, binaural beats programs gently lead our brains to a desired frequency. By applying two slightly-differing audio tones to every one of our two ears, we cause our brain to internally make a 3rd tone (often called a binaural beat frequency). As you would suspect, theta binaural beats programs are built to guide the brain to a theta frequency range.

Theta binaural beats audio programs have the ability to be a great aid to our meditation practice whether used alone or with other meditation strategies. But of course we must do our part. Binaural beats audio sessions simply won’t work for us if we fail to permit them to. However , if we attempt to “cooperate” with the technology we will find that it’ll cooperate with us by enabling us to effortlessly place our brains in the correct state of consciousness that we need to attain for deep, relaxed meditation.

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