Big Government Employers and Your Minneapolis Job Search

Similar to other large urbanized areas in the country, the Twin Cities is home to several government employers having many thousands of regional positions. Despite the fact that public funding continues to be under scrutiny lately, these employers remain some of the largest in the state. Listed here are just a few of the largest to try out in your Minneapolis jobs search.

The State of Minnesota is the largest employer in the state with around 55,000 total employees. The Minnesota state capitol is in the city of St. Paul and, therefore, many of the administrative and executive functions are located there. However, the state has a broad reach and positions can be found throughout the Twin Cities Area and state.

The state’s career website goes beyond what you’d find on a lot of employer’s websites. It has support creating resumes, various tutorials, tips on resume writing etc. in addition to an extremely detailed job search utility. Lots of help for the job-seeker here.

The University of Minnesota is the largest education institution in the state and one of the largest in the country. The University presently employs approximately 18,000 individuals in both full and part-time positions. The main campus is in Minneapolis with additional campuses located in St. Paul, Duluth, and Morris.

Employment at the U ranges from faculty (instructors and professors) to executive and support positions (technology, maintenance, finance and accounting). A lot of the main offices are at the Minneapolis campus and as such house many of the system-wide positions.

Hennepin County is the biggest county in the state and is home to the majority of it’s largest cities and suburbs (which includes Minneapolis, Bloomington, and Minnetonka). The county employs approximately 7,500 individuals throughout the county, although the majority are located in the country seat in Minneapolis. Like other public employers, the options are wide ranging and cover finance, technical, administrative and executive, health care, and law enforcement.

The Federal Government also includes numerous positions within the the Minneapolis Area. These jobs are also wide ranging and include agriculture, parks, veteran affairs, and homeland security. The Federal Government publishes a central job-search website with a clean ‘google-like’ search utility. Though not as easy to operate as other web sites, with some work you’ll be able to focus in on the job classifications you’re in search of.

There a just a few of the big government employers in the Twin Cities Metro Area. They have thousands of positions in a huge variety of areas. Try them out in your job search.

The Minneapolis Job Kit has more information for your Minneapolis job search.

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