Best way to lose weight without struggling – Fast, trouble-free and safe fat loss plan

If you have been struggling for months or years to lose unwanted weight fast, you may feel frustrated. Don’t lose heart! Solutions do exist! First at all, you need to understand why it seems so difficult to lose weight. Next, I’m going to reveal a simple and effective fat loss plan you can put in practice without struggling.  

What are the main factors that cause us to increase body weight?

1)   Genetic factor: DNA molecules are coiled in the chromosomes of your cells. Your genes, which are sections of the DNA molecules, contain all the information necessary to make what you are. The genetic program carried in DNA makes you different from every other person on the earth. This genetic program is the instruction manual for your body and this is inherited from your parents. It is this instruction manual that is largely responsible for how your body, and even your mind, behaves. Some people are naturally underweight, and others overweight! It’s sometimes hard to accept our physique, but it comes from our genetic material!

 2)   Environmental factor: Your personal environment may also be responsible to encourage you to adopt poor eating or exercise habits. This is especially true in today’s society. Elevators and remote-control appliances make us more inactive. In addition, constant marketing of foods that are high in calories, fat and added sugars, and larger portion sizes promote unhealthy eating behaviors.

 3)   Health factor: Diseases and various particular conditions can contribute to be overweight or even obese. For example, If you are feeling depressed it is more difficult to get active.

Knowing the reason why you may be consuming excess calories or not participating in physical activity is the first step before changing your lifestyle habits and getting a healthy weight.

Now the next question is: how can I maintain a healthy weight for my height, age and gender?

The major diet principle is very easy to understand. If you consume more energy by means of food and drinks that your body requires every day, you will gain weight. If you consume less energy that what needs your body, in this case, you will lose weight.

The average person’s stomach is supposed to be as big as your two fists put together. That gives you an idea what amount of food your body needs to generate enough energy for your everyday tasks. Eat just that amount of healthy food at least six times a day, and you will have more energy and less fat. This simple method has worked very well with a lot of people. That means you don’t have to struggle and follow a complicated method. Just cut down on your portions per meal. I’m not going to explain what is supposed to be healthy food. I’m sure you know what I mean. You can take breakfast, lunch and supper with healthy snacks in between meals without any problems! Very soon, you are going to feel great loosing unwanted fat.

What do you think about this guideline? May be, you are thinking: It is interesting but I’m not sure that I will be able to cut down on my food portions! Then, I encourage you to read right now two excellent reviews clicking below!

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