Best Techniques That Increase Mind Power

The term mind over matter is nothing new and now there are ways to increase mind power on your own. Anyone looking to give a little boost to their current brain can easily follow a few of the top ways to do so.

Many of us have started to join gyms or have found time to exercise our bodies, few exercise their brains. The worst part of the problem is that we usually don’t know where to begin. A great exercise is to show your brain new ways of thinking as well as concepts it has never seen before and nothing is better at that then learning a new language. You should also learn about things you currently may have little to no interest in at all. If you love working with wood you should for example learn about something in chemistry.

One great way to exercise the brain is to simply ask questions. It is not the actual asking of the question that works but rather the effect it has on your brain by getting it to work. A great way to do this is simply to ask why the sky is blue and work your way from there.

Sadly our busy lives have gotten many of us used to a shorter nights sleep. Research has shown that while the amount of sleep you get does count it just is not as important as the quality of uninterrupted sleep you actually get. During the day we have all had the feeling of a mental lag, a great combat to this problem is simply taking a nap.

Controlling the intake of oxygen has an incredible influence on your brain’s efficiency. Mechanics know that a car needs the correct mixture of air and fuel to work. Well you brain needs blood and the best way to get it is to start breathing deeply through your nose for best results.

Clearer thinking can be achieved by clearing out the clutter around you. Take the time to prove it to yourself, sit at a desk that is cluttered and try to do your normal work, next do the same thing but with a clear desk you will see the difference. This also extends to your home. Cluttered homes will result in a cluttered mind.

There are some powerful and easy ways you can increase mind power. Remember to exercise the muscle known as the brain as often as you can. Quality sleep should not be ignored and nap when you can. Control your breathing and the clutter in your room and watch the positive results it has on your brain.

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