Best Solutions For Adult Acne

Adult acne isn’t any easier an experience than the acne you dealt with as a teenager. Sometimes it can even feel a lot worse because you might have thought you could avoid getting pimples as an adult. Of course, there is no need to be upset because adult acne can be treated in any number of ways and in this article you will learn more about them.

There are now high tech solutions for almost any problem, and this includes acne. Laser treatments are typically the best treatments for scarring but blue light therapy is also a (cheaper) option and it usually kills the bacteria that causes acne. Devices like these can keep acne from recurring though they aren’t 100% effective. You’ll be able to buy all sorts of treatments but they usually cost over $100 and they require you to treat yourself for thirty minutes (at a minimum) at least twice a day. Time and money are required investments for these types of treatments. This treatment can be bad for your eyes so make sure that you wear goggles when you use it. Blue light therapy is something you may want to consider if you have a serious acne problem, but remember it will take some regular effort for it to work.

Adult acne can also be remedied using herbs like those that are used in traditional Chinese medicine. Dong quai is a common Chinese herbal remedy. This particular herb is helpful for lots of different female disorders, aiding the skin is just one thing it does.

Facial masks can be an effective way to treat adult acne. You can find all sorts of recipes for facial masks in books and online. Some of the best facial masks use only a few very simple ingredients that you probably have at home. For example, oatmeal mixed with water is not only good to eat for breakfast, it also makes an excellent facial mask for acne. Baking soda and water also makes for a good facial mask when you wear it on your face for twenty minutes. Some people find that applying either egg white or egg yolk to their faces help clears up their acne. Since everyone’s skin is a little different, you should experiment with facial masks until you find one that works for you.

Very often, the best way to treat adult acne is to use a variety of measures. It’s good to watch your diet, cut out the junk food as much as you can, take some supplements and track down an over-the-counter or even a prescription strength topical acne medication. You may also want to try a face mask made from simple ingredients. All of these approaches can help clear up most cases of adult acne.

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