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  1. omg you look so great

  2. MrMoo1337 says:

    i came

  3. kiwipaul22 says:

    Great job 🙂

  4. angelarock29 says:

    you wasnt big to begin with.but cheers to ya.its sad when you look like that and you think your fat or chubby.whats the world coming to?

  5. Loveinanelevator77 says:

    way too go! you have the cutest figure ever! soooo hourglass!

  6. MusikalLiph88 says:

    AWEEEEEEEEESOME GIRL!!!!!!!!! Be proud. Go out and party and have all eyes on you cause you look awesome!

  7. xoxBabygurl21xox says:

    if only i looked like you at the end of your weight loss journey! YOU LOOK GREAT!!! 🙂

  8. u re so hot

  9. 8iHeartU8 says:

    FUCK!! im jealous!, you look so hot now!!

  10. coolys125 says:


  11. you look awesome , very hot, can i have ur phone number?

  12. Nice job!

  13. electricute says:

    you look great!

  14. buffolddude says:

    you always had nice legs. but you sure have shaped up nicely. just curious what is the deal with girls having writing on the back of their underwear? i’ve noticed that’s popular now but i dont really understand it.

  15. KillerKyle99 says:

    o.O are you the same person in both vids?
    Cause the skinny one has two moles on the top of her stomach that the fat one doesnt :}


  16. ucouldneverebeme says:

    great job u should be proud of urself…God bless

  17. 1010010100 says:

    wow good job what i say no pain no gain!!!

  18. iwbpNoelle says:

    You’re Awesome! 😀

  19. Allureist says:

    Don’t gain it all back hun.

  20. yep they fired him for making a vid at work

  21. AidaRosariox says:

    im on jenny craig now. on it for a week nd a half now nd lost 5lbs already

  22. AidaRosariox says:

    shane said tht?

  23. testifyagainstgod says:

    wow, you look great! how long did it take you to loose all your weight? i really want to loose thirty pounds and i’m thinking about jenny craig. so far, i’m thinking it’ll work!!!

  24. Wow congrats 🙂

    Jenny Craig fired shane dawson ¬_¬

    lol random but congrats well done (:

  25. jenny craig is for fagotts because they fired Shane Dawson!

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