before and after weight loss

*IMPORTANT* – In no way do I wish to promote anorexia or bulimia. There are healthier alternatives to losing weight. This video is just to show weight loss in different people, you can intepret it however you like…good or bad.


  1. Great job with the video.
    Notice how in the after picture they always look completely different and sickly. How sad, we will throw ourselves away because we want to capture the image and body of an unattainable perfect statue.

  2. i actually met nicole richie once at a fair awhile ago before she had kidsand she is SOO TINY. pictures give no justice to how she looks in real life.. she is short, soo so skinny and i swear she looked like she could float away

  3. Thanks for making and uploading. Really inspiring! I’m not anorexic, I just need to lose weight. It’s such a hard struggle but it’s coming off. I look at thinspo when I get the craving to look in the fridge! Thanks again!!

  4. thas wat happens to butiful girs and the fukking peep’s telling them you FAT !!!!

    Ass hols

  5. if you go on a fast, you can loose anywhere from a pound to 5 pounds a day.
    but, you gain it all back when you start to eat normally.

  6. some people NEEDED to loose weight
    and they looked sooo much better

    and then some girls over did it :S :S

    curves are sexxyyy!!! hello???!!!!

    Love da video ;]

  7. OH my GAWD some of those women are far too skinny for their own (and everyone else’s) good. hilary duff??!!!!!! haha we are women! we flaunt weight loss whenever possible! even though we look frighteningly skeletal! yay!

  8. Wow, was Misha b that big? Dang!!! But my fav of all times yet, drumroll…. Nicole ritchie.. that girl, wow. I love her!!!! She is my fav thinspo! Oh, and that chick from 90210.. love her to the bones! *)

  9. look… u can loose weight
    but please try not to lose controll over this descicion of being healthy
    there are some images in this vid that aren’t supposed to be considered as right
    its nice and feels great to loose weight
    jusst dont… exagerate
    im saying this NOT as a hater
    im just giving my opinion

  10. 2:57 looks Great! her tummy is totally toned which looks right shes not Boney like alot of the girls in this vid shes perfect size

  11. The Kate Bosworth (0:24-0:34):one breaks my heart.
    Her body in Blue Crush was INSANE!!! Healthy & beautiful… what is she thinking?!

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