Becoming An Updated Health Lecturer

A health lecturer requires more than knowledge of the content of a particular subject to meet changing expectations. Students are specializing more and more in nursing, dentistry and medical procedures. Their numbers are increasing as well calling for new strategies. New delivery methods must make concepts easier to understand and implement in work places.

Lecturing today requires a great deal of interactive learning in line with the new curriculum. Students are learning in smaller groups and require that their enthusiasm be maintained in all ways possible. Laptops, tablet computers and PDAs have also been introduced changing the paradigm of learning. This requires lecturers to abandon old learning models and adopt the interactive, self-paced and customized options.

There are increasing limitations on the number of hours that students can spend in lectures every week. The aim is to eliminate passive learning approaches and replace it with participatory methods that are more productive during practice. This is eliminating the traditional lecturing model. It should be acknowledged that not all lecturers are unproductive.

The gist of lecturing is not to plainly read notes to a listening audience. One may compare it to a dance which demands the participation of both the lecturer and the students. There is a mutual exchange of energy that is transmitted in a package of words, content and delivery. Each participant must inspire the other. It should be an interactive and transformative session for the lecturer and the student in their lives and careers.

There is value in the presence of a lecturer that cannot be delivered when a student follows an online module or reads a book. Real time delivery which is only possible during a physical lecture adds greater value. A lecture goes beyond information into inspiring a learner and engaging his or her imagination. It should be easier and better to understand a concept during a lecture than when one reads.

If learning was all about information, electronic sources and physical books would be ideal. The heart and mind of the lecturer should be enthusiastic enough about the concepts to inspire the learner. The effect must be reciprocated in the student such that he or she captures the same mind and heart. The future should spread in front of their eyes and be grounded on the concepts they are learning.

The focus of lectures, therefore, must go beyond good grades, examination and professional certificates. The end of a lecture should herald new perspectives, connections and questions about life. It creates a new vision for work place and life in general.

A story format is the best way to achieve success when lecturing. The concepts that form the story are a beginning, a body and a conclusion. The lecture begins by eliciting questions, suspense and curiosity in the student. The lecture then endeavors to find an answer or quell the curiosity.

A health lecturer will be successful if he or she is delighted and enthusiastic about the session. This feeling will be transferred to the learner and the session will fulfill their expectations. It is a productive session where a learner asks an unexpected question. The enthusiasm created makes the discipline infectious from lecturers to students and then to work places.

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