Basic Facts About Natural Cartilage Regeneration

Several controversies have emerged in the medical field concerning the feasibility of natural cartilage regeneration. There has been a debate over whether this process is possible in human beings of all ages. The research conducted in this regard show that children and young individuals experiencing growth are able to experience the process while in fully grown adults it takes place at a very slow rate. The reason behind this is that the blood that reaches cartilage is very little and is not enough for repair and growth. Fortunately, medical research has led to the discovery of techniques necessary to stimulate these processes.

Cartilage is an essential connective tissue found in the bones. The process of repair takes place at a slow rate in this tissue than in other tissues in the human body. An inadequate supply of nutrients to this tissue interferes with proper healing of wounds and injuries leading to damaged tissues. Inflammatory diseases and degenerative conditions are also major causes of complications.

Doctors use several techniques to manage this condition. However, the results obtained vary form one patient to another and while they may be effective in some patients in others it may be the opposite. There are two main approaches from which to choose from. Surgery may be used to repair the damage or cartilage cells may be extracted from other body sections then implanted over the damaged area

There are several methods that are used in this procedure. However, these methods are successful in some patients while in others the results obtained are not satisfactory. There are two approaches that may be adopted. One of them involves extracting cartilage cells from other locations of the body and implanting into the affected region. The other option available is to use surgery to repair the damaged area.

There are several experiments that are underway. One includes the use of growth hormones to stimulate the process of cell production. The results obtained so far indicate that it very effective in the treatment of elbows and ankles. Microfracturing which involves the drilling of very small holes in the bone adjacent to the affected tissues has also been adopted. Other mechanical approaches include the use of carbon nanotubes to stimulate tissue regeneration.

Some of these conditions can be relieved through intraneural therapy. The sessions of this therapy are effective in the treatment of arthritis. It treats the specific cause of the condition at the joint and permits the joint to heal and function normally. Once the cause of this medical condition has been the removed the connective tissue gets a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients and is able to regenerate.

Vitamins are known to enhance the ability of the body to heal wounds and injuries present. Therefore doctors recommend individuals to take action and make the necessary dietary adjustments that consist of all the essential nutrients. Vitamin C is an important nutrient that can be obtained from the consumption of fruits, vegetables and dietary supplements.

Making adjustments on the lifestyle of the individual is also important. Taking part in exercises that are not strenuous is a great step towards ensuring the mobility of joints by preventing any stiffness. Joints are susceptible to degeneration and it is important to take care of them. The studies conducted are aimed at improving the process of natural cartilage regeneration in human beings.

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