Baptist Churches In Chesapeake VA Expected Teachings

Baptist churches in Chesapeake VA and the other Baptist churches worldwide has rapidly increased in their number. The first Baptist is currently having over hundred subtypes all under this same main group. With this high numbers of sub divisions, there have arisen differences in the beliefs and practices held by the initial group. There are several conflicting thoughts among different issues hence this analysis in the principle acceptable practices held by the original Baptist church.

First is that these churches only regard the New Testament part of the bible to be their authority in all matters that concern their faith. They argue that the idea of church only came to being after the day of Pentecost when Jesus had gone back to heaven.

These churches must also acknowledge the leaderships of Jesus Christ as their only head. The church in itself is a bride to Jesus who is coming back to take it with him. The church does not refer to a structure but the believers. The holy bible is also the only accepted word of God and should not have any additions apart from the original versions.

The members of Baptist churches must all be born again. They must also be baptized in plenty of water like Christ did at river Jordan. Salvation comes through a personal belief in Christ that he died and rose again. It must be accompanied by a public confession of believing Christ. Young children are exempted from being saved until when they are mature to understand the matters of religion. Before then it is belief that they are under the grace and mercy of God.

There is also a strong belief in separation of the church institution from the ruling state. They believe that no power or authority is higher than the word of God. Therefore the church must not be in anyway controlled or manipulated by state in their operations. They however believe in elections and participation in civil authority directly or through prayers so that the nation stays in peace.

The Baptist church also believes that every saved Christian is a priest by himself. This means that there is no need to have any mediator for one to ask for forgiveness or even in praying for different issues. The basis of this being that the barrier that prevented people from accessing their God as symbolized by the temple curtain was broken through the death of Jesus. So everybody is justified to talk to God in prayer directly.

All churches under this denomination must be autonomous. This means that every local church should be guided only by the word of God through their leader. No higher authority is acceptable for supervisory function. It is because only Jesus is the head of all churches and he should be the one to control all activities.

It is also important to note that baptist churches in Chesapeake VA and the other sub groups must believe in the bible. They believe in both the old and the New Testament to be inspired by God. The old testament is a reflection of how God dealt with his people before Jesus had brought grace. After the grace came, forgiveness of sin is through simply believing in Jesus as opposed to offering sacrifices

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