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  1. BxoxbxbxyxBxoxy says:

    wtf… was this recorded on a cell phone or what…

  2. Hanz and Franz here!! lol… where is Vera De Milo???

  3. can u give your height and weight ? how long u have been training ? how old are u ? how many days a week u train? Thanks!!!

  4. kermittlover says:

    Are you gay? It’s fun to stay in the YMCA XD

  5. lachat2007 says:

    lol wtf is your routine man?? give it to me

  6. damn your sexy damn damn DAMN

  7. moshn2002 says:

    In 3 words HOT GREAT ECXELLENT !!! Please share / post mre

  8. passionatx says:

    nice body man

  9. nice vid man this l mix up my back workout

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