Back Pain Relief – a simple solution

No matter what type of back pain you have, back pain relief can be hard to find. You search the internet only to be left confused and your head filled to the top with information that doesn’t make sense, and remain in pain.

There must be a solution that is easy too.

Pain is only ever caused by three main issues, you have tight muscles that when go into spasm will cause pain. You have weak muscles that stop stability from occurring which then allows other muscles to tighten. Finally there is joint movement and if this is poor then the muscles work harder and hence can tire and weaken or tighten.

The best and easiest solution for back relief is to eliminate both the symptoms and the cause. This is the only way to get lasting relief as by not removing the cause, you will doom yourself to temporary relief at best.

The problem with most back pain relief is that you are told that all your problems comes from only one of these sources. That it is all muscle tension, or you need to exercise or that joints are the only cause.

For most long term back relief is hard to achieve, this is mainly due to the belief that back pain, no matter where it is comes from only one issue. You need to know that it is a multifaceted cause to get long lasting relief.

Should you relax muscle tension or should you exercise to build strength in your muscles? What about joint movement, can you fix this yourself or should you seek help? When you try to relieve back pain these are just some of the many common questions you ask and want answers to.

Confusion and information overload is common and it stops most from taking action to remove their pain. You must first know what to do and where to start so you can proceed to remove your pain, for most you give up because it is too hard.

But back pain relief is a simple process, if you follow a simple plan, target each of the areas together then pain will ease quickly. Reducing muscle tension is simply achieved with stretching, the best part is that if you use certain types of techniques you can both stretch and strengthen at the same time.

You can also get joints moving well if you know techniques to achieve this, best of all these are painless. But joint techniques are only part of an overall approach at removing back pain.

So don’t be fooled into believing that back relief is a pain, in fact it is an easy process that anyone can do at home. But as always you will only get short term relief if you only address the symptoms and not the cause. And remember there are three parts to the cause too.

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