How to Prevent Teeth Grinding: Calm the Mind and the Rest Will Follow

Stress has many faces; it not only can play havoc with the body but with the mind too – resulting in a host of illnesses ranging from high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks to even teeth grinding. Yes, this may sound strange, but 70% of people who gnash their teeth at night are stressed individuals looking desperately for ways to prevent teeth clenching.

Primary And Idiopathic Hypersomnolence: Why You Should Never Leave Excessive Sleepiness Untreated

Not many give sleeping problems the importance they deserve. Whether it is the simple and inconspicuous snoring disturbing bedroom peace or something that sounds more complex and serious like primary and idiopathic hypersomnolence, callousness regarding taking remedial action applies to all. If only we knew beforehand how untreated sleep disorders can turn ruinous, uprooting every part of one’s life in every possible way.

Teeth Grinding Causes: Know Why 50% Americans Grind Their Teeth; Not Always In Anger!

Some statistical information leaves you shaken. A recent report published by Benchmark Dental Lab reveals that 50% Americans clench their teeth on a regular basis. The idea about this activity that most of us harbor is that people do this when they are feeling angry or frustrated and have no other way to express their inner feelings. If that is indeed true, what is it that is making so many Americans angry? Or, are there other teeth grinding causes?

Narcolepsy Treatments: Involves Drugs, Self-Help and Lifestyle Alterations

This may sound surprising but despite 200,000 people in the USA suffering from this illness, not many are aware of what narcolepsy is all about leave alone have any information about narcolepsy treatments or how doctors treat this completely disabling sleep disorder.

Deviated Septum Surgery: Could Be the Last Hope for Getting Good Sleep

Breathlessness during sleep can be a nightmarish experience. Yet many people manage to live through this disabling experience when they have nasal blockage and cannot breathe properly. Nasal blockage can be caused by various factors, including anatomical defects like septal deviation, crooked bone at the bridge of the nose, etc. To get assured relief from breathlessness caused by septal deviation, surgery is often the last and only hope. This makes deviated septum surgery, the most preferred option.

Narcolepsy Treatments: Involves Drugs, Self-Help and Lifestyle Alterations

Though there are close to 200,000 adults in the US who suffers from an illness called narcolepsy not many are fully aware of why it strikes or for that matter what narcolepsy treatments entail.

Excessive Sleepiness during the Day: Ignore This Trait at Your Own Risk

Sleep disorders have an unobtrusive and stealthy way of entering our lives. Take the example of a situation which is marked by excessive sleepiness during the day. Initially, it all seems harmless. It ends up with most of us ignoring such minor developments as part of a passing phase. But once left untreated, the same seemingly inoffensive signs worsen and pave way for incredible suffering and distress, in no time.