If Somebody Can Do It Anyone Can Do It

The presupposition that “if one person can do it – anyone can do it” is one of the core beliefs of NLP. It is also one of the beliefs that anyone new to NLP regularly grapple with. When a person fails to believe it they talk lots about natural talent, superior education and more access to resources, to highlight but a small sample of their excuses.

If You Find Yourself Stuck and Do Not Know The way to Go Forwards, This Will Help

It is lots more common than you could imagine for people find themselves thinking that they just feel stuck. They know they are not happy where they are , but they do not have any thoughts as to how they can shift themselves forward.

If it is Your Aim to Become a Leading Expert The Best Way is to Learn by Doing

In the old days every craftsman learned his craft as an apprentice. He developed into a master by watching a master and modeling his ways. And when he turned into a Master he took on apprentices of his own and taught them everything he knew. In this way good practices were maintained and standards were high in all skilled trades.

Now You’re Almost Up to Speed to Start Studying Those You Want to Influence

In yesterday’s article I talked about the different thinking patterns that we each use. By this time in the development of your learning about NLP techniques you ought to have a clear notion of your own most typical thinking pattern. If you’ve not yet done this you must finish reading now and do the homework suggested in the last article. You may never be well placed to understand other people’s thinking patterns if you cannot understand your own.

An Easy Way to Achieve Excellence in Your Personal Performance

You have, without doubt, heard the expression, “start with the end in mind.” Well, if you would like to attain excellence that is a useful thought. Because if you start with excellence in focus your chances of achieving excellence will be much higher.

The Strongest Way to Inspire Yourself to Realize What You Want

Since you were a tiny person you’ve always been seduced by stories. At the beginning you were told bedtime stories. Then in kindergarten your teachers told you stories. You listened to stories in the playground. And as life has gone on you have continued to be dependent on stories in local papers journals books, films and on The telly.