Attitude Matters In Life

There is one thing that could be a powerful tool in ensuring that your life is productive and healthy in both body and mind, and that tool just may be the most useful one in the shed – it is called attitude.

Attitude is so powerful because it is one of the few things that every single person has the ability to be in control of regardless of any other factors in life. During those days when everything seems to be going our way, we can tailor-fit our attitude to the upbeat situation we are in. And it’s a good thing that we can also tailor-fit our attitude to those days when our lives seem to be on a long losing streak with no end in sight.

I’m almost sure you remember some point in your life when your attitude made a huge difference in a certain event. Or, maybe think of an example from the life of someone you know. Can you think of a situation when all things looked grim and yet you or someone else’s attitude made that situation better just by being positive?

You may ask if this “good attitude” thing is all that it’s cracked up to be, even if it seems like we’re stuck on a virtual Titanic and just about ready to sink? I’m glad you asked. One thing you’ve probably learned about life is that it will not always go your way. It is highly unlikely that every single day for the rest of your life will be filled with joy, friendships, and peace. It is possible, but unlikely. Lady Luck happens to be a formidable pitcher in the baseball game of life, and she will definitely throw you a few curveballs and sliders. Tragedies, sicknesses, and relationship trials will come your way and it will be your attitude that determines how those events affect you.

Keeping a good attitude in life allows us to remember that even in tough times we have much to be thankful for. Instead of moping and fretting because you seem to keep rolling snake eyes in life, let attitude thank you for the virtual sevens and elevens that you’d be rolling on occasion. Attitude should help you in reflecting that the Higher Power has blessed you with so many other things in your life that you have to be thankful for.

The maxim “attitude is a little thing that can make a big difference” has been repeated in many ways by many people throughout history. Chances are you will agree with the following statement and take it to heart, but up the ante on yourself and declare that attitude is no little thing – it counts in large amounts. Attitude is perhaps one of the biggest factors that determines the path and results we see in life. If we express hope and look at the most negative situations in a positive light, then we can accomplish anything, or maybe most of the things we set out to do in life.

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