Astigmatism – Correct Blurred Vision With Online Contacts

The astigmatism condition occurs when the cornea of the eye becomes misshaped. This misshapen cornea results in blurred vision due to the light not being able to properly hit the retina. Astigmatism is a very common eye condition that affects millions of people. Those who have the condition can have mild to extreme eye sight problems. The optician will conduct a series of tests to determine if a person has astigmatism and then prescribes the appropriate corrective sight device. At one time eyeglasses were the eye wear device prescribed, but now, thanks to innovations in corrective sight technology, there are special contacts that will correct the blurred vision caused by astigmatism.

Astigmatism is not a serious eye condition that can lead to serious eye health problems. However, because of the blurred vision, it can be an annoyance to those suffering from the condition. Astigmatism occurs mostly in people who have refractive errors. These are people who have near sightedness or far sightedness. It causes them to have problems with distance focusing. There is no known cause of astigmatism although genetics is viewed by many experts as a cause. As well, astigmatism can be caused after an injury to the eye where the corneas experience some form of physical trauma.

Toric contact lenses are commonly prescribed to correct for astigmatism. These lenses are made from the same materials as regular contact lenses. They can either be rigid gas permeable or they can be soft. These lenses have a special design where they have two powers in them. One power is for astigmatism and the other power is for either hyperopia or myopia. Toric contact lenses will not rotate on the eye. If you have a small amount of astigmatism, you may possibly be able to wear a regular spherical GP lens or even a spherical soft lens. There are also aspheric soft lenses that are designed to lessen spherical aberration of the eye. Spherical gas permeable lenses can also correct astigmatism. The optician will make the determination of the type of contacts that are best for your particular condition.

Today more people are choosing contacts to correct their astigmatism. Correcting astigmatism is easy and affordable when you choose to buy your contacts from an online contact lens retailer. Contact lenses are now better at correcting the more severe cases of astigmatism. An eye exam from an optician will let you know what level of astigmatism you have and the optician will be able to give you the right prescription. You can then go to an online contact lens retailer and find the appropriate contacts lenses. You can greatly discounted prices on contact lenses when you shop online and they priced are far below the prices of traditional contact lens retailers. As well, brand name contact lenses are available at greatly discounted prices.

When you shop online for your contact lenses in order to correct your blurred vision caused by astigmatism, you will benefit from quality lenses at very affordable prices. You will correct your vision without spending a small fortune.

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