Arthroscopic Knee Surgery – What You Need To Expect

There are various types of orthopedic surgeries and one of the most normal types is the arthroscopic knee surgery. This is a surgical procedure that is carried out to get rid of the torn cartilage that is located within the knee.

Even though this surgery does not involve use of a lot of anesthesia and it also does not involves making a big incision on the skin, an arthroscopic knee surgery can not be treated as a casual one. A few small incisions are made on the skin in order to carry out the arthroscopic knee surgery which is an alternatives to knee replacement and this procedure is conducted with the help of an arthroscope. The doctor will have to find out the cause of the knee pain or injury before he recommends this surgery to his patient.

Basically, an arthroscopic knee surgery is one where a small camera is used to see the inside of the joint. This camera is inserted into the knee through the small incision that is made. After the surgery, the incisions will be covered with a bandage for a few days so as to keep the incisions germ-free.The surgeon will then make one or maybe a few more incisions to get rid of the torn cartilage from the joint.

The cartilage that has been damaged will be removed by the use of small scissors, shavers and other tiny instruments. While this is just like any other form of surgery, it does not cause much pain to the patient who is undergoing this procedure. The surgeon will be able to get a better look of the joint with the help of the arthroscope and through this way; he will be able to spot the problems that are inside the knee.During the surgery, you can expect the presence of an anesthesiologist. He will ask you whether or not you are comfortable through the whole procedure and if you feel that you are not comfortable then you can always say that to the anesthesiologist.

After the surgery has been performed, you will have to take certain medication(s) to reduce the discomfort from the surgery. Of course, it will help you a lot if you use an ice pack on that region. You will also benefit by elevating your knee. Usually, people who undergo the arthroscopic knee surgery are able to resume their normal activities in no time.

On the other side, there are also minority who prefer to take a week off and relax to heal from the arthroscopic knee surgery. You need to talk to your doctor because only your doctor will be able to give you the best advice. Discover other vital tips about alternatives to knee replacement surgery at

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