Arthritis Shoes

Arthritis is the term used to describe the inflammation and swelling of the cartilage and lining of the joints. It is usually coupled with an increase in the fluid around the joints and it is most commonly diagnosed in the lower extremities of the body. This causes sufferers of Arthritis to find normal tasks like walking and moving extremely difficult and often painful. The feet are more susceptible to arthritis than other parts of the body because each foot has 33 joints than can be afflicted.

Choosing the best shoes for Arthritis can be tricky sometimes. Anyone suffering from arthritis in their feet knows that something as simple as taking a step can be painful. While the full course of treatment will differ from person to person, the use of shoes for arthritis can, in some cases, reduce the pain caused by the disease. The main things to look for when buying shoes for arthritis are shoes that do not restrict the feet and that have a comfortable heel. While that would obviously exclude such shoes as those with extra high heels and pointy toes, there are some shoes for arthritis that are better than others. There are basically three choices when it comes to buying shoes for arthritis.

What are meant by basic shoes are shoes that you could buy at any shoe store. These shoes were not made specifically to be worn by people with arthritis in their feet, but they meet some of the criteria of what makes a good shoe for this purpose. For example, they may have excellent padding or plenty of room in the toe area so that the toes are not confined. The pros of choosing basic shoes are that you will be able to find a wide variety and some of these shoes will be available at every price point. The cons are that you may not find enough support. Remember, these were not made to be shoes for arthritis. Still, some are able to find some basic shoes that will do the trick.

Specialized shoes were made with the intention of being sold as appropriate for someone with a certain medical condition. There are shoes for arthritis, diabetes and some other medical conditions. While the shoes are marketed as being for people with such conditions that does not mean that was done with the advice of a physician. Therefore, there may be some of these shoes for arthritis that will not offer the needed support and comfort. The pros of specialized shoes are that (if you get a good pair that was created with advice from a physician) the shoes were made with arthritis in mind. That means that everything about the shoe should lend itself to providing you comfort and appropriate support. The cons are that these shoes are not as readily available as basic shoes. Also, they will more than likely cost a bit more.

Custom fit or prescription shoes are shoes for arthritis that are custom made specifically to fit your foot. To have these shoes made, a cast is made of your foot. Using the exact shape and measurements of your feet, shoes are created. Often, this is done with a prescription from your doctor. The pros of these shoes for arthritis are that, because they were made specifically for your feet, you will probably get the most support from them. Also, if your doctor writes a prescription for such shoes, the cost may be covered by your insurance. The cons are that the styles may be somewhat limited. Also, if your insurance will not cover the cost, they can be quite expensive.

Insisting on footwear to suit feet (not feet to fit the shoes), buyer demand for comfort now results in contemporary wide fitting footwear. It has likewise given way to footwear well suited for arthritis and footwear that aids distressing foot arches. The growing medical requirement for orthopaedic footwear also fulfills a specific niche market demand by buyers looking for footwear for bunions, heel pain, shin splints and alternative podiatric conditions.

Shoes allow help you to express your persona in a great way. People can judge your personality and your taste seeing the kind of shoes that you wear. Those who choose the shoes that are chic and attractive tell of their great taste and aesthetic sense. Likewise, someone who wears shabby or shoes that are not suit with an outfit or do not befit an occasion tell of their untidy and lack of fashion sense. This is why you need to pick and wear a pair of shoes with care so that you can leave the right impression on others and influence people with your persona.

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