Are You Using Organic Baby Skin Care Products For Your Bundle Of Joy?

What do you mean by organic baby skin care in the first place? The emphasis is on the ‘organic’. When you look up the word organic in the dictionary, you will find that it means, “what is grown out of a soil which has not been treated chemically for at least three years previous to the time the present crop was obtained”. This means that the soil would have got rid of all the chemicals that it had before the present crop was harvested.

When the terms is applied to baby skin care it implies that the product would be made out of organic ingredients hundred percent.

Why Is It Important That Organic Baby Skin Care Products Are Used For Infants And Children?

Baby skin is among the most delicate things in the world. Not only is delicate, it is also very thin which makes it very easy for anything applied topically to be absorbed into the body in no time. Now, imagine any chemical substance applied to the skin of an infant of a few weeks/ months old. Most of the times, because this is really happening (mothers unknowingly use chemical cosmetics on their babies) the infants get rashes within their first few weeks of life.

Mothers who insisted that they use organic baby skin care products do not complain of this problem. Besides, it has been found that in many cases the organic baby skin care products are far more effective than their chemical counterparts. Some medical studies have found that nappy rashes affect more than 75 percent of newborns before they complete their third month. This is mostly because mothers unknowingly use chemicals to wash their nappies and again in the powders they put on the nappy. The babies’ skin being so delicate immediately reacts to the presence of chemicals.

It has been observed on the other hand, that mothers who treat their babies with organic baby skin care products right from the beginning have very limited occurrence of any type of skin reaction with their babies. This is why mothers are normally advised not to buy anything over the counter, unless a doctor knows about it and has advised it. Whether it is shampoo, soap, powder or the nappy detergent, everything can be found in the organic market. You need only to look for it.

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