Are You Experiencing Sleep Apnea?

Snoring is among the main problems of partners especially when the other person cannot get enough sleep because of the disturbing noise beside him or her. However, snoring may not seem as common as it is and here are some good info around the probabilities that it must be a hazard to health.

This harsh, rough sound is attributable to the obstruction of airflow through the nose and mouth while sleeping. That very irritating sound we hear when one snores is the result of the vibrating of the wall on the throat. There are lots of factors that triggers you to snore. Some are associated with nasal congestion, overweight or obesity, alcohol, smoking, and even prescription medications for nasal congestion. It may also be caused by congenital deformities such as a deviated septum in which the cartilage that separates the two nostrils is not on the proper placement. Which means, the situation might not simply be with snoring by itself, but with snoring as being a hazard to health.

Snoring is also frequently linked to Sleep Apnea, a sleep problem which can cause one human being to pause breathing once or many times. You may not be conscious that he or she has Sleep Apnea as it only occurs while sleeping and the doctor cannot detect it on regular routine visits in spite of blood tests. Sleep Apnea is probably not as easy as seems as it poses more problems in addition to breathing pauses.

Sleep Apnea has different types and the most typical is the OSA. This type of sleep apnea occurs when air passage is blocked or has weakened while asleep. This in turn, causes shallow breathing or could cause us to pause from breathing. Moreover, this problem is very likely to be present in people who find themselves overweight. Anyone however, can experience this disorder.

This condition, then may cause long pauses in breathing when asleep can cause partial to total blockage with the throat. Some snorers using this condition would likewise try to sleep lightly in order to be capable to keep the normal flow of air. Sleep Apnea, which in fact had been present for quite some time already may cause high blood pressure that is above regular. This happens if the oxygen level in the blood lowers to cause one’s heart to pump harder and so increasing hypertension levels. This will also result in the heart to enlarge consequently posing the individual with higher perils of stroke and cardiac arrest.

Another negative effect of chronic snoring could be the over production of adrenalin. Adrenalin is known as a chemical that helps us in addressing stressful situations; the worries of not getting enough oxygen causes our bodies to supply adrenalin. This consequently causes development of sugar levels, which over long periods of time may lead to diabetes.

Snoring may be very inconvenient to a lot of us although the the very next time our partner snores, we should be vigilant enough to assess whether this snoring may be a health risk and must be studied seriously. By doing this, not only do we help our family in their health problems, we also get our long and good night sleep.

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