Are There Really Omega Fish Oil Benefits

Today there is a new understanding of the many omega fish oil benefits. Research has shown that supplementing with this natural substance can promote health, enhance development, and help with several conditions that plague people of all ages.

The oil is made up of substances called fatty acids, designated by numbers. The most familiar are the three, six, and nine forms. Some of these are called essential, meaning that the human body does not manufacture them either at all or in sufficient quantities for optimum health. Therefore they must be supplied in the diet or symptoms of deficiency will result.

Seafood, especially cold water fish, and marine algae are the only sources of one type of omega three, known as EPA. This fatty acid is especially helpful for those who have inflammation. Another fatty acid, DHA, is considered by many health authorities to be the most valuable. DHA is the most plentiful fatty acid in the brain and is believed to be the only one which passes through the placenta to the developing child.

Attention Deficit Disorder, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, fatigue, muscle aches, loss of mental acuity, and dementia have all been shown to respond favorably to supplementation with these fatty acids. Morning sickness in pregnancy is often felt to be a mild deficiency of these valuable nutrients.

Oil from fishes is the easiest way to get these two substances. EPA and DHA are already in the oil; in other words, the body does not have to break anything down to use the fatty acids or synthesize them from other compounds. This makes then very bio-available, which is especially important for the young and the elderly.

Vegetable sources of essential fatty acids like flax and hemp are rich in ALA, which is inefficiently broken down in the body to synthesize EPA and DHA. The omega fish oil benefits are more easily realized in supplements made from deep sea fishes.

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